If you could just use one piece of makeup for the rest of your life...

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Nov 29, 2004
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If you could only use one type of makeup forever, what would it be?

I think I'd have to go for mascara because I feel like my face looks all wrong with out it for some reason.

Lipstick/gloss for me... I could use it for different things besides my lips (cheeks, eyes, etc)

Oh, I love my glosses (just check my reviews, they're mostly glosses, lol!) but I would have to go with mascara, too.

My eyes look too nakey without it. I just love having long, thick lashes.

I think i'd choose mascara although my lashes are quite long & full without it.. I feel naked without it!

For the rest of my life? Well right now it would be a great foundation or powder to hide my oily skin and acne ... but if my skin ever gets dry then I'd have to switch to mascara as my one and only product! (My eyes are small and my lashes are practically blonde!)

i'd go for concealer since i have a birthmark on my face. granted it will look semi-retarded without foundation over it... but so it goes. lol


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