If you could only buy one beauty product today...

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Lacquer Lackey
Jul 8, 2009
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California, USA
If you could only buy one beauty product today, what would it be? For one day only...money, location and availability aren't an issue. Just one item. (You can come back tomorrow and add another one) What is it you want most right this second?

Does perfume count?

I want Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford! Even the 1.7oz size is $205. ): I'd be lucky if I could even get a decante *cries*

The Ciate advent calendar/holiday kit I spotted at Sephora the other night. Lol, it was neat and had some gorgeous colors!

I was thinking abt those Ciate mini mani set too.

Chloe fragrance gift set. It is my fave scent, and I finished my bottle almost a yr ago.

A Nude Eye Shadow Palette. I can never bring myself to buy it when my Sephora palette has so many great shades in it already. Haha.