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Jun 8, 2006
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Well, I have noticed a difference in the application of my fluidlines. It could be the brush that I haven't cleaned in two days, or it could be the fluidlines itself. So, if by chance your fluidlines do dry out, what do you do? Add a bit of water to the brush you are using, or chuck it and buy a new one?

Somewhere in the forum we have another topic concerning the same issue, but as far as i remember, to 'revive' dried fluidlines you have just to put a bit of fix+ on it and mix a little

I'll find the thread on it... The best way to store Fluidlines, as many MAC MA's on here have said, is upside down. I store mine like that, and they're still just as creamy as when I bought them

::: ETA ::: Here's the thread: https://forum.makeuptalk.com/f11...ing-27212.html. More specifically, here's the post about fixing the problem.


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