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May 3, 2004
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Potatoes have developed a bad name since the

popularity of the low-carb diets. Some diets have

even put them on the nutritional "black list." In

a USDA report released this week, we find that it

is time to remove this "bad mouthing" of potatoes.

The USDA report tells us a 10.5-ounce baked russet

potato delivers as much anti-oxidant punch as two

cups of cooked broccoli, 1-1/2 cups cooked

asparagus, or 1 cup of cooked red cabbage!

Did you know that potatoes have fewer calories

than a lot of the typical so called "diet" foods?

A medium sized potato that weighs 5 ounces, which

you have either baked, boiled or steamed, has only

100 calories. Eight ounces of orange juice has 110

calories. One half cup of cottage cheese has 130

calories. A three ounce hamburger has 270


It's all those "things" we add to this... one of

the healthiest foods we can eat, that cause the

problems. Those "things" like butter and sour

cream... chilli and cheese toppings... or cooking

methods such as frying absolutely destroy a

successful weight loss program.

If eaten with spices and herbs that add no

calories, or with a low-calorie dressing, a potato

can not only be delicious, but it is so

nutritious. They have zero fat grams and are high

in fiber. They also contain vitamin C. The amount

depends on the age of the potato. The newer the

potato the higher vitamin C content.

Potatoes are also very filling and satisfying. So,

order that potato the next time you go out, but

don't drown it in butter and/or sour cream.

I didn't know this about potatoes....a reason to eat them more now. Thanks for posting this!

I had heard that potatoes were good for you -- the brand of potatoes at our local grocery even has a bunch of nutrition facts in big print on the front, trying to dispell the "potatoes are bad" message!

One thing I really wish people would learn about low-carb diets is the importance of whole grain products -- yes, white flour and sugar aren't really good for you, but whole grains are very important to both heart and digestive health!


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