I'm about to burst into tears...

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Dec 28, 2006
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I am so damn stupid.

There's been a lot going on in my life this week, going back to school and custody hearings, and anyway there's this form we have to verify and sign and turn in to the registrar. By, well, today.

Or we get dropped from our classes.

Well I forgot to turn it in. It completely slipped my mind. I am freaking out. If I get dropped from my classes I Don't know waht to do, I won't be able to graduate if i can't get all my credits. So far I am still registerd and I e-mailed the registrar well twice now because I'm freaking out so bad.

What do i do? Oh god what is gonna happen if I can't keep my classes?

I hope everything is ok!! Explain to the registrar what happened, and she should help you Monday Good luck!!!

Oh I hope everything turns out okay sweetie! Explain what happened and hopefully they'll understand <3

Calm down, I think it will be okay. Since you've contacted the registrar, you've been pretty much everything you can do for now. Maybe because you acted on it so quickly, you'll be okay.

ditto. just explain what happened, and you emailed the register, so i think you did all you could. i'm sure they'll understand.

There there *hugs*

I'm sure it's a common occurence. Think of how many students are sooo forgetful and don't do that on time.

Good luck with everything else
take it easy.

Originally Posted by Aprill849 /img/forum/go_quote.gif I hope everything is ok!! Explain to the registrar what happened, and she should help you Monday Good luck!!! Ditto, except make that Tuesday since Monday is Labor Day... Sheesh Aprill! LOL!
Did you explain to Registar's office about your current problems. They are people too and sometimes you find an understanding one. I hope this turns out good for you. If not something else good will happen, honey; it has too. Love and prayers.

oh man that really sucks i hope that it wont happen. You should still send it in even if its late. My school always threatens by dropping classes but they never do.

I have found out that a little straight explanation goes a long way. It helps if you are open and sweet also

Thanks...I totally flipped out when I found out last night. She's probably going to think I'm a basket case, I realized I sent her 2 e-mails almost back to back about it. Oops.

I'm still registered...which I'm pretty sure means she has to manually withdraw whoever doesn't turn it in. Which means I have a shot at catching her first thing on Tuesday morning...I am LITERALLY gonna go up there at 7 or 8 whenever they open.

OH dear.
This sucks.


I think you will be okay. It is my understanding that when University registrars give the deadline, they mean the next business day is when the "axe" actually comes down.

If the signed paper is an actual physical paper, then that means that there is an actual human being processing them. You can go to that person, or whomever reports to that person, and explain your situation on "axe day".

Just chillax (chill + relax) this Labor Day weekend, take care of other personal business on Monday, and then Tuesday, right when they open their doors, you're the first one standing in line. By then, they probably wouldn't have even warmed up the seats at their desks yet.

-And- if it just so happens that they did drop you from the class, they can retro-actively correct that if you immediately act upon it. This is definitely not a doom's day situation at all. Chillax.

You'll be okay.

The only reason I am so freaked is because a LOT of my classes are senior classes and getting dropped from them means having to go all the way back through with letters and approval and stuff. (Private college = lots and lots of paperwork = I more than likely would not have been able to re-register before next Wednesdays deadline because there is such a paper trail and my real Academic Advisor is on sabbatical this term.) (Yuck!)

But it is ALL OKAY!!! The registrar wrote me back and told me she would hold the classes because I e-mailed her, so as long as I bring it in on Tuesday I will be all okay.

I am so thankful this school only has about a 1000 students and she got it as quickly as she did and responded!!! I am breathing such a sigh of relief.

Thank you for your support ladies! I love this place.
And I feel sooooooo much better now that I know I can fix my mistake and turn in the form on Tuesday.

I think you'll be OK. Colleges can be nasty buracracies, but they also can be reasonable. I'm glad the registrar wrote back so you wouldn't be worried all weekend. Good luck!

Colleges get more money if they keep you in school, so they'll probably help you out. A friend of mine didn't pay his tuition fees, he just totally forgot the date. He went in as soon as he could and explained to them that he was just so busy with work he missed the day. They let him pay his fees and continue with his classes no problem

Good luck, just turn it in first thing and let them know you had a personal crisis or something, it should be okay though and I bet you own't be the only one!

My school will only drop you if you don't pay your fees by the deadline, which worked out well this semester since I was waitlisted #2, so luckily a couple people didn't pay their fees and got dropped or dropped out of the class, I'm happy though!


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