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Mar 29, 2012
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Ok so yesterday i had a pimple, so i got scared and popped it! i felt so stupid afterword though. It hurts! it looks like a nasty big bloody scab what do i use and exactly what are the steps to using it?-desperate teen

what do you use for what?  The future pimples or for the scar you just created?

Why feel stupid?  The first instinct of Anyone with a pimple is to pop it.  I've done my share of popping pimples.  For future pimples, I recommend Mario Badescu Drying cream or lotion.  Apply it just as it is emerging and it won't leave any hyperpigmentation.  The stuff works like magic.  

For that scab, leave it alone and try not to pick at that or it'll leave a larger scar.  Try not to pick at anymore but I'm sure there'll be some you can't resist. 


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