I'm back!! (And the backstory for everyone who was confused!!) I had the BEST time!!

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Dec 28, 2006
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I'm back and I had a BLAST!! Backstory...Okay, so after I called off my last relationship (long story short...he basically revealed what a true ******* he really was and said and did things that...well, that I don't think anyone could or should do to someone they care about), I was just talking to this guy (Steve!) that I met kind of through a friend of mine (through World of Warcraft of all things!) and I started liking him and stuff.

Anyway one thing kind of led to another and Steve and I started just talking more and more and realizing how much we had in common and how similar we were and everything-- and this took a *while* because we're both usually really quiet people and all, but our phone conversations just got longer and longer and ...yeah.

We just completely fell for each other, totally unexpected-- because I am in

Atlanta and he is clear across in the San Jose area of California! It just happened, neither one of us was really "expecting" anything at first... but it just feels SO right, so comfortable, and so easy. Soooooo we decided to finally meet up after a bit of talking. Well, we were sort-of talking about meeting up (we were both so scared) and he surprised me with the tickets actually, but yeah!

So I was SO terrified flying out there, even though we'd been talking so much and sending pictures and all back and forth-- but once I got there, we got wrapped up in this HUGE hug and I swear (this sounds so silly) it was like I was at *real* home. And I felt so safe and comfortable and happy... we spent the whole first night just holding and kissing each other and just laying there watching a movie and we would just look at each other and just smile and giggle. I can't even describe how wonderful it was.

The whole weekend was like that. We went to his cousin's wedding and so I got to meet *everyone* like right off the bat, haha. They are all really nice and wonderful people though.
We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and I was totally like a kid in the candy store, LOL. But he kept looking at me and smiling and we would just stop what we were doing and just hold each other.

And oh god, he took me to the beach just to watch the sunset. We stopped by there at first and (again, kid in candy store) I just took off and naturally got completely soaked on the bottom of my jeans, but it was so hilarious. We went to dinner before the actual sunset and he kept laughing because I was jumping up and down trying to get all the wet sand off my jeans.

Today was the hardest part of all though. I couldn't leave him. We were both crying and I still haven't really stopped. I had to ask him to leave first and I feel horrible because I know it broke his heart too. Even on my layover we were talking and I could have gone back, but I know I have to finish school. I thought this place was my home but it's not. I miss him so much already.

I'm going back a couple days after Christmas and staying a bit longer though, so we're just talking about making it till then and we're both still trying to comfort one another.

We did take pictures, and I'll upload them and to this post tomorrow or something.

I just never thought this would be so easy and so comfortable and so right. But it is. This visit just confirmed everything-- for both of us. I am so, so happy with him even though it still hurts to be away from him right now. But we can make it. I'm definitely moving out there after I graduate in May to be with him forever-- we can't wait. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time I was there and neither could he. It was just so perfect. We can make it through this and then I really will be home with him.

Holy long post, batman. Haha I guess I rambled a bit. :X I'll put the pictures up soon!

Edit: Pictures are up! There are only 3 of us right now, one outside the Monterey Bay Aquarium (yeah, we weren't looking at the camera lol!)m one was taken when we were watching the sunset on the beach, and the other was at his cousin's wedding Friday night (eek!) He doesn't like a lot of make-up so I feel like I look a bit rough around the edges
I dunno, you can decide that for me! But anyway, this is us!

oh im so glad that things went well!!!

I think most of us get wat ur talkin about, and my relationship was like that for a cple yrs, even tho we fight we now we are right together!!

Its the best feeling of being *at home* with another person!!! and to think it will be fun going and coming back. i bet ya feel like a lil school girl again!!!

have fun chicky!!

chicken, I know I'm going to sound like a grumpy, cynical old lady, even though I'm the same age as you, but I'm going to say this anyway

I'm concerned that you feel you can get to know someone so quickly. I think you should take just a teeny step back and be cautious. Not because he might turn out to be a stalker or anything like that, but just because it's very easy to get caught up in the romance of something and not think about the practicalities of how something would be in the long term. I'm not saying this is you, but it's something we all have to be careful of

Obviously, you know him better than us, and I'll be really really happy to be proven wrong, because i'm only saying this out out worry for you.

I've been in relationships and it seems wonderful at first but you have to give it time!

I'm glad you had an awesome time and I really really hope everything works out though!! being suspicious sucks but someone has to do it! stay safe and best of luck hun

That. is like. the most romantic thing EVER!! I'm glad everything is working out for you guys, but I do have to agree with Rosie on not going TOO FAST. I'm glad you had a fun (and safe...you always hear those stories...) trip. Good luck with everything!

I love that "new" feeling! I am glad you had a good time and I agree enjoy nice and slow!

Aw. That sounds so nice... so you were around the area the same time I was.

How sweet!

I kept saying "Aw" throughout this whole post. Haha.

Can't wait for the photos

Thats so romantic! omg..I couldnt stop smiling through the whole post. I am happy that you met the right guy. ::hugs::

I am so happy for you PaperFlowers. I am glad you had a wonderful time and I hope everything turns out the best for the two of you.

thanks for the story! now i'm caught up! i am soooooooo happy for you and i totally know how you feel!

i went through the same thing with fiance and when we saw each other for the first time, we hugged and kissed and since his friend came and had his camera (that i didn't know he had), too, he got a pic of our very first hug (corny, i know). i knew right then i would marry him.

i am so happy for you
i'm glad you had a great time!

That's soo sweet! I'm very happy for you! Sounds very romantic! Can't wait to see pics!

Yes, I see you had a good time. I saw your post in the thread "If I bump this thread I had sex within the past 24 hours." It wasn't just one bump.
Glad you have a great time.

Adding pictures now!!

And yeah, I was really concerned because things were happening so fast, too-- but I'm visiting him again during my Christmas break, he is flying here for my sister's wedding (in Feb.), I will probably go out there for spring break, and he is coming for graduation-- which is when I am moving.
SO we still have a good many months to go before I actually move. Both our finances are in pretty good shape-- I'm going to get my teaching credentials and start teaching in California, and he's got a job as well. It's still pretty fast, but we're being as logical and rational about things as crazy and insane lovers can be

So, I'm not actually moving until May-- if something were to happen, which I really don't see that happening-- I will move in with my family and go to school there. So I have a backup plan just in case-- but he is the best and most amazing guy I have ever been with. He has treated me so wonderfully-- things like giving me roses when I arrived, taking me to the beach to watch the sunset-- but also things like comforting me when I am stressed, listening (REALLY listening to me, we all know how some guys are!), and I share that back with him.

It's just so....equal. So giving, and so wonderful. At this point, I cannot see myself without him-- but that's not to say we're going to run off and get married. I'm not going to be moving until May and we both agree that we will just take things as they come and learn more about really being together like that. We both know we have a lot to learn, but we also know that the important thing is that we have each other and that we will make this journey together.

And this is yet another long post full of sappiness!!! Anyway, putting pics edited into the first post!!!

well I'm relieved
the pictures are really cute and i hope everything only gets more special and romantic from here on in

Originally Posted by adrianavanessa /img/forum/go_quote.gif Yes, I see you had a good time. I saw your post in the thread "If I bump this thread I had sex within the past 24 hours." It wasn't just one bump.
Glad you have a great time.
Hhahahahhaa yes it was!

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