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Mar 9, 2007
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ok guys as you know my hair is med brown with blonde highlights well the fiance is gone and i want to do a drastic dark fall look for when he comes back and surprise him wit it. He loves dark hair, we had dark hair when we first met, and i do kinda miss it. I am doing it a dark brown mixed with burgundy but i am a little scared i think its going to be more burgundy then brown!!!!!!! AHHH! OK please tell me everything is going to be ok!! will post pics after so you can all see what it looks like but im so scared i hope it turns out ok

Everything will be ok

i hope so i mean if its more red i can just add brown over it! im just nervous lol

20 more mintues

o plz...its more likely to be brown than burgundy...i wanted the opposite...which was burgundy

in order to get that color you'd have to have purple or violet as a base color

if the color you want has red as a base color (should say so on the bottle) you have nothing to worry about

don't worry, if it comes out lighter than you planned it's easily fixable =)

see i messed up and dyed my hair too dark (i went from medium brown to blonde to black by accident). blah.


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