I'm embassared to say... small haul and random question

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May 19, 2005
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I went to Target with a friend today. I haven't been to Target in about two years, and boyfriend gave me some money to spend on stuff for our house and to spend on myself. I expected Target to have a better makeup selection, but I guess I'm not so lucky.

I bought: Milani lipstick in Copper Kettle, Almay moisturizing eye makeup remover, Target brand retractable lip brush, and a bottle of Nair.

And a random question, I've been reading through the tutorial forum, and I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in tutorials for looks to wean yourself off neutrals.

nice haul! target totally redid the cosmetic section. they put bright lights up and mirrors and cotton balls, etc. - at least in mine they did.

what'd you get for your house?!

Nice haul!!

I think a tutorial to wean yourself off neutrals would be a good idea - doesn't mean I'll stop using them, but it's definitely interesting!

For the house I had to get a big plastic sealable container to put the dog food in, and my friend needed a microwave. I also picked up a case of Jones soda!

I think probably Thursday I'll work on a colors for neutral lovers tutorial. I started playing around with some looks last night, but I'll need to some to do all the pictures to go with.


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