I'm going to bali!!!

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Jul 20, 2005
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although my flight has not been booked yet i am planning on leaving my temp. home in tokyo and traveling to bali on the 13th for 10 days!!

if any of you have ever been please give me suggestions of what i should do, or shouldn't do : P


<3 bennn

Give us a trip report when you get back !

there is no mac store there (mac make up here is twice the price i pay at home in canada so i have been holding out)

if i am lucky maybe there will be one in the duty free shop!!!

Oh yes definitely, look for duty free shop.

I'll look forward for duty free shop If am traveling this year.

As for bali tips, if you do some shopping, try to bargain to lower price!

Don't let them "trick" you, try to "trick" them instead lol.

Read this blog for bargaining in Bali.

Don't forget sunscreen too

I want to go! I want to go!

Can you stick me in your suitcase?

I hope you have a fantastic time!!!

Like Leony mentioned, bargain bargain bargain until you think you're satisfied, if they won't lower the price someone else will.

I loved it when I went but there are a lot of peddlers so keep that in mind if you show any interest even a look at what they are selling they won't leave you alone until you buy.

You might want to consider hiring a taxi to drive you around all day, some will do it at a very cheap price just make sure you have an idea of where you want to go or you set the price before you get in or they might want to take advantage and take you the long way. On my last day after dinner we decided to take a taxi to the hotel eventhough it was just a 15 min. walk to save time well it ended up taking us close to 45 min. because the guy took a longer route
we almost missed our ride to the airport. If you complain and argue though you won't have to pay much.

When we went they also told us to becareful with our bags because there are thieves but I really didn't feel unsafe.

Have a great time, enjoy, but be safe out there!

Let us know how it goes.

WOW sounds GREAT...I know you will have a blast...looking forward to hearing about it when you get back!!

thanks friends!!

well it's offical, i leave tokyo on the 17th and actually fly to taipei and then bali and then i am back in the 26th.

i will take a ton of pics and post them up when i get i back!


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