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May 17, 2005
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Lakeland, Florida
Ok, so just an extra, but it was kind of exciting. It's an HBO movie called "Recount." I was a protester, I got to be in the front a lot, so maybe I will be seen on tv. I had to hold a sign that said "W is for women"
I also had to yell, "wooooo!" and shake the sign. Haha. It's about the Gore/Bush election, thats why they filmed it here in the capital city, b/c of the huge mess it became. It sounds kind of boring, honestly, but I saw Kevin Spacey, and Laura Dern is in it too but I didnt see her (she is Katherine Harris). It's not until 2008.

That sounds just too exciting, even if the movie itself sounds rather boring.

I can honestly say I'm jealous. haha.

That's neat, So what if you're an extra, that's more screentime than most people will have in their lives. Go you!

very very cool!!! If you post a little reminder I will gladly watch it and look for you


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