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Jan 17, 2006
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Neither my friends

Yesterday i was monitoring a test along with the teacher *i'm a teacher's assistant on uni*. I was there , minding my own business , seeing that everyone was sneaking to watch other's test, but i was letting them just there;

Then i change positions , and seat next to a guy - i looked over , and when i turned to see him, he was with a paper between his legs, copying all the answer of a test.

It was instinctive - i had no doubt, i pulled the paper without thinking and handed it to the teacher (who already had caught another dude doing the same thing).

Then i seat down, and the little prick dared to threaten me ! Said that he was going to beat me up and such. And after the test he said i was ****ed , that i was going to regret doing that, and even called me a whore! But i stayed chill.

So i told the others TA's (we're 7) and we told the coordinator of our course what happened and that we wanted that his test and that from the other guy were annulated


The other TA's weren't on the theoric class, just on the practice - i told them after the test ended.

So the chief of the TA's (Izabella, my dear friend) called also to the teacher that was going to be in charge of the finals (that were today). She got PISSED because that group isn't a remarkable class - everyone kept talking while she was teaching and she likes me as well , i think - she always say that i'd be an excellent anaesthesiologist.

Today, then, she gave the finals : of 20 questions, FOURTEEN were about anaesthesia (her subject) and there were difficult questions, that not even Izabella knew how to answer (she was the TA monitoring the test today)

Basically everyone got ****ed because of that prick.

Also, the hoax that i was going to police to tell that the guy threaten me already 'hit the street' (LOL) - i was going to if i had the evidence. But if he dares to do anything it's the first place i'm gonna go

And one of the other students of that class was talking to Izabella that i shouldn't have pulled the paper like that, that i should have pulled it but thrown the paper in the trash. Then Izabella said that it was my right to do that and she totally supported me.

Now they'll have to take another test (the final final) in other to not fail the course

Hehe! Lia Matos showin' 'em who's the boss!
Hurry back, I wanna hear more of this story!

OMG, what a d*ckhead. Wtf, he knew that he was cheating and there are about 7 of you monitoring. What a COMPLETE MORON!

Originally Posted by MamaRocks /img/forum/go_quote.gif What kind of a man threatens to kick a woman's A$$? Loser. Yeah really!
First he has to cheat and then he threatens you...he must be quite a catch for some unsuspecting girl out there. Is there anyway we can have a sign stapled to his head LOSER?

What a psycho! I want to know the rest of the story, I hope he got his butt handed to him on a platter because that's just insane

wow that guy was bold to say that to say that.

if all else fails, you can also claim it was a sexist hate crime threat and really get him where it hurts.

BUMP! I edited the 1st post in order to tell what happened next!

Ah about that last final test:

Here in our Uni we work like that: the score you have to get to pass without having to do the finals is 8 (80% of the test). If you don't achieve , you have to do the finals, and the score lowers to 6 (60% - like that if you take 6 on the 3 tests you pass, but your average will be lower).

If you don't get the 6 on the final average , you have the chance to have a final test in order not to fail the course and have to repeat it on the next year. But then, this test is always at the end of the year and , depending on the course, MUCH more difficult than regular tests (at least as far as i know).

So the chances of passing is LOW.

Cya again next year , LOL

Yep! Good for you Lia! In many American Universities, that kind of sh!t will get you expelled.

Originally Posted by MamaRocks /img/forum/go_quote.gif What kind of a man threatens to kick a woman's A$$? Loser. ditto

Originally Posted by Ohappydayes /img/forum/go_quote.gif You're right Nox I hadn't even thought about that. He's LUCKY that he's having the opportunity to flunk the test.

9 times out of 10 he knew he wasn''t going to do anything in the first place. His pride was bruised and he felt the need to be overly macho about it.

I don't think that here he'll get expelled , but only have his test zeroed (which it's a ticket to the end of the year finals without stops)
What a jerk! I can relate a bit as a teacher, but you really had some major issues there.

You go girl! I'm surprised that's no reason for expelling but I'm glad you put him in his place along with everybody else.

The paper itself will give him only a zero - the threaten, if i had a way to prove it, could give him a warning or something like that from uni.

But i'd rather take that **** to the police


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