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Jun 22, 2005
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when i get hot/sweaty or at the end of the day my nose and forhead areas seem to get shiny and the sides of my face don't really. how can i control that? is there a good powder out there for that? or a lotion? let me know.

ditto on the blotting papers.

have you tried any mattifying gels/creams? i don't have oily skin, so i'm not sure what else to reccommend!

I'm also an oily girl, and do love those blotting papers. However, some of them have mineral oil in them which give a rash/breakout. Not nice!

Oh yay, a chance to promote my favorite product
I have oily skin that would get shiny only 2-3 hours after I wash my face regardless of what makeup I was wearing (or even if I didn't have mu on) .... but then I tried CoverGirl Professional Loose Powder, and now my face is perfectly matter after 3 hours and is only slightly shiny by the end of the day with no touch-ups! Works better than any high-end powder I've tried, and it's only $5 at the drugstores!

However it still doesn't survive a lot of sweat, like last week when I had to walk a mile to class in the humid 90-degree (Farenheit) heat since the buses aren't running in the summer and hubby had a different schedule and couldn't drop me off on his way to work ... but if I'm not sweating a lot, it works well
Maybe you could combine this with blotting papers or Mac's blotting powder if you sweat more!

thats what i hate about when the weather gets warmer and humid,that sweaty stickyness,yuck i hate being sweaty on my face!

Oh gosh guys*major blush* thank you,i m ok i guess
tHE T man hooked me up!lolol

Yes, Blotting Paper might help. But like Nicolet said, careful with mineral oil.

It could cause breakout. I'm not really comfortable using blotting papers though.


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