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Feb 26, 2011
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Those going to IMATS this weekend if you have an Android or iPhone/iPad you can go to and download the app for IMATS. The app allows you to put the classes you want in a nice schedule to keep track and there's a map built in of the vendors plus more. It's free and only for IMATS LA.

I feel really stupid asking this, but what EXACTLY is imats?  I know its the International Makeup Artist Trade Show and you can purchase makeup there, but what else is there?

It's a tradeshow where many companies will showcase their current and upcoming products and new releases.  Often times a discount offered (I think one discount off the top of my head was if you purchased 3+ or 5+ bottles of MUFE Foundation that you'd get 40% off - since these tradeshows are geared towards makeup artists, 5 bottles isn't too much to ask for), since you are buying direct from the companies themselves, and they know that people will be attending these tradeshows to buy products.

There are times when a brand new product that isn't even released to the market yet will be available (The Stila Set and Correct Powder that's being talked about in the BeautyFix thread is a new product that was just released in May, however, I was able to see it back in March at The Makeup Show - LA, which is another makeup trade show.)

Also there are usually companies showcasing how their makeup and their makeup artists are, with models in makeup, some in full body makeup.  They also usually attract people fairly well known in the makeup industry (It's not unexpected to actually see the President, Owner, Vice President, Founder, family, of folks who actually helped to build the company. David Klasfeld of OCC, Jodie Perks of Lit Cosmetics,  and Amy of Sugarpill to name a few.) as well as those known in the beauty industry, such as beauty bloggers and contestants of Face Off. There are also oftentimes access to makeup companies you wouldn't normally see available in your area or your country.

In addition to that, there are classes you can take and speakers on various subjects (Ve Neill talking about makeup in The Hunger Games, Eve Pearl of Eve Pearl Makeup talking on Bridal makeup), a makeup museum, student makeup competition, and this year, the NYX FACE Awards show will be held.

*whew* is that enough info? lol

Edit: Zadi also posted yesterday about a product that will ONLY be sold at IMATS LA as a Limited Edition IMATS LA ONLY product. - Sugarpill's eyeshadow in @#$%! So it's also possible find products that you will absolutely find nowhere else.

Another thing about IMATS is you get to network with people not only in the blogger/vlogger field but also in the professional (film/movies/print) field. I had the pleasure of meeting so many of these people such as Nix (who cracked me up with jokes), Nikoletta Skarlatos (whom I had the pleasure of chatting with several time over the weekend), Ve Neill (had a one-one with her for a 1/2 hour on Friday... which at first I was completely star struck and talking a mile a minute, I eventually calmed down, lol). On Friday I got to see Jeff Dawn's (seriously, Google him if you have no idea who he is *cough*Terminator*cough*) and Stan Edmonds' naked butts (not what you're thinking... pictures from the set of The 13th Warrior). On Sunday I got to meet several other well know celebrity MUAs including Billy B., Glenn Hetrick (who I think is just as handsome in person as on tv), there were just so many there that I can't think of everyone off hand. I had the chance to meet, walk with and talk to Michelle Visage right before the NYX Face Awards (Teresa and I had that chance to though I don't know if Teresa really realized who they were, lol). So many of these people I met told me personal stories of things that happened to them while working in the industry - some personal and some public - but stuff you wouldn't hear in a lecture or a class. Things told to me first hand by the person who lived it.

IMATS is basically THE place to go if you want to see REAL professional MUA from the tv, film and print world - people whose work we've seen in popular (and no so popular movies). These are people who are WILLING to talk to you and give you tips, advice and even encouragement. I received so much personal advice from several of them along with personal stories they've told me. I'm so surprised that more people don't go up to them to talk to them because they WERE and ARE willing to talk to people - some are busy because they're scheduled to be someplace at IMATS but when they're free they'll sit and literally talk to you.

If you're lucky, and don't go JUST to buy makeup at a discount but to look for these people or accidentally come across them (as in my case I would run into them going from one place to another) then introduce yourself to them. My only encounter with someone "mean" were a few vloggers who think just because they're popular means they're all that. Pft, I have Saturn winners and Oscar winners take the time to talk to me, give me encouragement and tips. A couple have suggested for me to go to makeup school (I wish).

The bottom line is this - IMATS is what you want it to be. If you want to go just for the discounts on products, or buying a limited edition item or any item that won't be released to the public then that's what IMATS will be to you. If you want to meet and take pictures with popular vloggers/bloggers then that's what IMATS is for you. If you want to network with the MUAs in the industry or among the cosmetic companies then that's what IMATS is for you. It's what you make of it. For myself it was all of the above - I got to shop, I got to meet people I've known online for years, got to socialize with so many other vloggers who passed on tips to me as well, got to meet famous people, (forced to) interview celebrity MUAs and even Perez Hilton (which might I add was like being thrown to the wolves), I got to meet owners of companies (Toni Ko from NYX Cosmetics, David from OCC, Lindsey Guest from Beauty Army and so many more). Personally I had the time of my life and while my feet are swollen, cut up, my knees hurts and I have literally bruises on my shoulders from all the stuff I got at IMATS... I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

I'll eventually have an article on Mike Hill since I had the pleasure of talking to him on Friday. He told me a few "secrets" on one of his creations and how he created it (skunk fur and yak fur). It was an absolute pleasure just being able to talk to him on a one-to-one basis. The people who went to the museum (which I wish I had more time to go back and talk to other artists exhibiting their work from various movies) basically had no clue who these MUA are and would walk right past them without an inkling of anything. I know one thing is for sure, come January when I go back I'm going to take the time to talk to them because picking their brain is like hitting a gold mine.


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