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Nov 12, 2008
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BeautySoClean has yet another scented brush cleaner that is being introduced at IMATS LA.  This time it's CHOCOLATE.  They have free chocolate at their booth and their brushes smell like chocolate, and with all this talk of flu season being all around us, it feels good to know at least something is free of germs.

BeautySoClean is a company that is built around keeping your beauty products sanitized.  They have a spray to sanitize your makeup, a spray for your brushes, and wipes for your tools, lipsticks, whatever.  Can be free of germs of whoever touched it before you!  It's great for makeup artists because you can be confident that you're not spreading bacteria from one client to another, and you can be sure that your makeup is safe to wear even if it's a lipstick from a year ago that you love but has been discontinued so you don't want to throw it out.

To celebrate their chocolate scent that was introduced just in time for Valentine's day, they are having a chocolate party on both days this weekend at 1:00.  Nancy, the owner, will be asking questions to the audience and handing out prizes to those who answer.  Who doesn't like free stuff and stuff that smells like chocolate?

I have tried their cupcake scented one from last year when they were celebrating Nancy's birthday.  It smells like frosting.  Zadidoll was in love with the chocolate brush, I feel like I've converted her into the scented brushes now haha.  Why have your brushes smell clean when they can smell like candy?


OMG! THAT chocolate brush spray converted me into liking and wanting to use BeautySoClean products. Most of you know I would rather use a DIY product first than an expensive purchased product HOWEVER like I said the chocolate spray converted me. It really does smell like milk chocolate. I know some people are turned off by it however some people will enjoy it. You can't do a scent in a DIY version without compromising either the integrity of the disinfectant or the fragrance or that it could potentially become volatile.

Would I buy the chocolate spray again? YES.

Do I suggest trying it? Yes. if you already like BeautySoClean then you should try it.

Sounds to me like BeautySoClean knows right where to aim... right with the chocolate hehe. It sounds wonderful!


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