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Feb 26, 2011
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Bodyography Professional Cosmetics
This is Bodyography's first IMATS! I love discovering new products from companies I've heard of but never had the chance to try before and Bodyography is one of those companies I've heard great things about but haven't tried so I'm excited to stop by their booth next weekend! Show attendees can get quick mini-makeovers from their line of professional, mineral based makeup from their Creative Director Lori Leib. 

Some of their products are vegan and gluten-free so if you've been looking for cosmetics that are gluten-free check Bodyography out. At IMATS, they will be offering their Electric Lip Slides (which are gluten free), 5 shades for $30 which are normally are $19 a shade (limited quantities at IMATS). They will have their new Essential Brow Trio along with Veil Clear Primer, Mineral Body Gloss, and Cream-to-Powder blush.

Their booth is 520. Check out Makeup Talk's 2013 IMATS Los Angeles Guide more info on IMATS.

About Bodyography:
Since it's founding in the early '90s, Bodyography Professional Cosmetics has become a leading source of products for some of today's biggest names in makeup artistry.

Launching with a line of 24 lipstick shades, Bodyography quickly became a favorite in beauty salons, and a well-kept secret among Hollywood's top celebrity makeup artists. Today the line has more than 300 products, with new formulas constantly being developed to reflect the very latest in cosmetics research and fashion color palettes.

Available in leading salons throughout North America as well as 5 star hotels and exclusive spa's, Bodyography products undergo extensive testing by clinical dermatologists to ensure they meet quality standards that are among the highest in the industry.

Beauty with a conscience is a guiding principle for Bodyography. With this in mind, Bodyography products use minimal packaging that is recyclable, and no animals have ever been used to test Bodyography products - we think they look fabulous just as they are.

Bodyography cosmetics are manufactured using formulas that are unique in the industry. By working closely with our lab and a select group of top makeup artists, we are able to develop innovative cosmetic products that also represent exceptional value.

Our product formulas may be complex, but our philosophy is simple; Bodyography Professional Cosmetics is committed to providing the very best products available, and supporting beginner and expert artists alike through our makeup education and artisan programs.

Bodyography is fast becoming a global brand distributed in over 45 countries worldwide.

So have you used Bodyography in the past or heard of it? If so what are your thoughts?


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