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Lacquer Lackey
Jul 8, 2009
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California, USA
Eylure will be at IMATS LA this year. They make some really beautiful lashes including these lashes for Katy Perry​
So why not stop by Eylure at IMATS. They will be in Booth #818​
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Eylure is known for their innovated "Double Lashes" falsies that are on a single band, making them easy to wear and easy to apply.  I've always loved doubling up on my lashes to get a fuller effect, so this idea of both lashes being on a single band seems interesting. i'll have to try it out to see how I like the pre-doubled lashes.

They have their Katy Perry line on display, because she was in love with the double lashes, which came out February last year.  Their newest selection is the inclusion of the pre-glued lashes as well as their "Color Pop" lashes that were launched just last month.  Ever want a pop of color in your lashes without buying colored mascara?  They have green, purple, or blue available in full strips, or a package of individual lashes that has wisps of colored hairs in all three colors.  The colored lashes are mixed in with the natural dark lashes making it look more like an accent than a bold coloring.

They are sold at Claire's and Urban Outfitters.

I actually saw the Katy Perry lashes in CVS tonight. I walked down the aisle and I was like hey I just posted about them! They were very thick bold lashes, so pretty.


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