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Nov 12, 2008
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Graftobian is known for their HD Beauty Makeup.  They offer 64 shades in both airbrush foundation and exactly matching cream foundations.  They have 3 different color categories: Warm, Cool, and Neutral.  They also have an Ivory palette, which mixes the lightest colors of all three categories to fit the palest of the pale, as those with light skin tend to have a really hard time if their foundation even has the slightest undertones in it!  This allows for the artist to be able to mix and match the fairest shades for the lightest skin tones, without worrying about going too far into the warm or cool tones.

They offer three sampler sets, so you can experience a variety of colors while also experiencing how well the cream foundation matches the airbrush foundation.  It comes in Dark (Neutral), Medium (Warm), and Light (Cool).  As explained earlier, the Ultra Lite Palette includes the lightest shades from each tone.

For the makeup artist professional, they also offer super palettes which include the entire color range.  Their HD Pro Powders also come in 3 variations (Warm, Cool, Neutral)