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Feb 26, 2011
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Annelle and I both were able to test GrandeLASH-MD after IMATS LA 2012 and I found that it actually DOES work. I mentioned in this post that my lashes became more curly and indeed over time did grow longer but I had one unusual side-effect - my lash line became ticklish! If you're ever looking for an over-the-counter product that can help your lashes grow longer, curlier and even thicker try GrandeLASH-MD, they'll be at IMATS LA again.

GrandeLASH-MD will be at Booth 329. Check out Makeup Talk's 2013 IMATS Los Angeles Guide more info on IMATS.

They have released a new Grande Lash Mascara that is infused with the same peptides that is in the serum.  It won't grow your lashes as long as the serum alone, but it still grows and conditions the lashes 33% longer.  I haven't been able to try it out, but I do like their serum, which I know I'm going to end up buying more of this weekend.

If you buy up to 6, you'll get a bigger discount the more you buy.

I love Harry. I make him laugh with my silly sayings.

So I bought the new Grande Mascara because he was wearing it and his sickeningly fierce lashes - which I'm still jealous of - were even longer. The mascara packaging states, "Lash Boosting Formula" and of course I'll have more info on it after I read the packaging more and use it.



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