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Feb 26, 2011
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I'm excited for IMATS and can't wait to see what new things David and company has at the OCC booth (400). I know the main things I'm looking forward to pick up are the new Metallurgy lip tars. What are you looking forward to?

Want me to pick you up one?

In other news about OCC at IMATS, David will once again be speaking at IMATS LA on Saturday, January 19 from 1 PM to 2 PM in Classroom C.

wish I could go to IMATS LA, but unfortunately I have no transportation as I cannot drive again just yet after major leg reconstruction surgery...hopefully next year then! bummed that last years was in June and this years is sooo early being in January! I've never been, so what are your favorite parts of IMATS LA?

Last year's (2012) IMATS was my first IMATS and there was just so much that I LOVED. The museum, the student events, the lectures and of course the makeup vendors.

Sneak peak if you're at the show, David (founder of OCC Cosmetics) is wearing a nail polish that will be released in a couple of months.  It will be in a collection called Sci Fi Lullaby.

He's got the new Emerald Pantone metallic lip tar that he made for Sephora called Power Plant coming out (I need to verify whether he has it at the show, although he had at least one bottle that he showed me.)

His lip tars will also be spreading to more Sephoras in the coming months!  If you're not by one of the 25 Sephoras that he's at now, he's going to be at many many more by this spring.

David is a true sweet and kind soul. I absolutely love him. I don't think he has Power Plant there for sale. First stop tomorrow morning?

He was in the middle of doing a gold eyeshadow for his artistic director, so part of me was just watching him put on makeup while he was talking to me about the new stuff that's coming ahead, and how his Sephora exposure has been fantastic.


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