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Nov 12, 2008
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Violent Lips are back again! They're everywhere lately, aren't they? I remembered seeing them on America's Next Top Model UK VS US edition.

They now have Violent EYES which are basically their tattoos in 4 different eyeliner shapes, in their same bold colors and styles, although the black eyeliner is still the most popular one they've seen.

They are focusing on their glitterati line, because half of their sales come from the glitters, even though it's only a fourth of their actual products.  They have 11 regular Glitteratis and 10 Glitterati mixes (two colors of glitterati blended together together)

The two most popular lips?  Well, last year for the elections, the USA flag was the highest sold, with black cherry glitterati mix coming in second (which is's a red glitter with black blended into the outer lip line area)  I've included a picture of the black cherry from their website below.


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