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Nov 12, 2008
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Alcone told me that their newest features include a mink eyelash set.  Mink eyelashes are some of the most expensive lashes out there, that can easily be found for over $100 for a single pair.  Alcone is offering a 10 style set, in a durable box, complete with a mirror, for just $120 at the show.

They also had some fun runway stickers..."eye flashes" to create a funky thick eyeliner or cartoon-like lash lines.

They were also introducing a makeup cuff, a wristlet with a metal artist palette on it, to allow for easy mixing while avoiding cross contamination of blending on the back of your hand before applying it on your model.

There's an aromatherapy brush cleaner, to help soothe your models (or yourself!) while cleaning your brushes, as well as something I had never seen before: Lock-on Lash. A latex free, ridiculously strong lash glue (he told me it can keep lashes on for a week, so you need a good oil cleanser to remove the glue) that applies like an eyeliner onto your eyes directly first, and then you apply the lash directly to the glue already on your eyes (instead of applying the glue to the lashes, then trying to place the lashes at the right spot.

Their makeup remover wipes are also now produced in a multi-pack instead of individual wraps. I told him that I'd worry that the multi-pack would dry out, and he told me that he's left it open for 2 weeks straight, and the pack did NOT dry out, and for those who like super wet towelettes, he also sells the liquid to make them wetter.

Lastly, SkinDinavia was at the Alcone booth.  You might already know this brand through Urban Decay's setting sprays, which are produced by SkinDinavia.  The original brand has some different formulas from the ones that Urban Decay has.  Namely, they have an anti-aging version (which has a little bit more moisture for drier, older skin), a moisture lock version (which has a lot of moisture for those with super dry skin, or those who get drier during the winter months and need more moisture), and finally a bridal version, which was made for those who are planning on a day where there's a high chance of some crying and still don't want their makeup to melt off!


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