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Nov 12, 2008
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Beauty Army was at IMATS - Los Angeles, and we got the scoop!  Exciting things are coming into the future, you guys, I stayed in this booth for a reallly long time, LOL, finding out as MUCH as I could for you ladies.  (This was one of the reasons I was late to the NYX Face awards, sorry Zadidoll!!  She had to meet Perez Hilton and Scott Barnes without me.  I think she was still star struck by the time I showed up!)

First of all, they are revamping their website, and it'll be up sometime in July.  I got to see a sneak preview of it, and it's purdy.  Right on the front page, it'll show you the full size products of the items you've sampled, as well as things being worked on the back end.  They keep a close eye on MakeupTalk, because we're SUCH a good source of customer responses and reviews!  Have you ever thought, "Hmm, I wish Beauty Army wasn't like this. I really like this part of Beauty Army..." and realized that a few months later, they actually changed for the better? It's because they're reading your posts and trying to get everything fixed!

As far as the current refund problem goes, they KNOW about it and they don't like it either.  Why charge first then offer a refund if the customer skips? It doesn't make sense! But the problem here was with their back end programming.  The idea of skipping was found through MakeupTalk, so the original system wasn't ready for it.  The quickest way to allow for skipping was to do the refund option, but trust me, they ARE working on not charging you at all if you want to skip.  They told me that they would let me know as soon as it was fixed for sure, but their programmers are busily grinding away in the basement away from the makeup until they get it fixed.

One last note, if you choose an item for a sample, you should not see that item show up again in the future.  If you think your account is having problems and are stuck on certain selections, you might try to contact them to see if something is wrong with your account.  We were thinking maybe zadidoll's account was having problems and they're going to look at hers to see if they can fix hers for her.

Now that that part is over with, what's the NEWS?!

First: New subscriptions will be open every morning at 9am PST.  No more waiting a month or two to see if you get past the waiting list.  They told me that the new subs still do fill up every day, and if they're full, you can still go on the waiting list, but if you try again the next day at 9am, you have your best chances of getting your first Beauty Army kit.

Second: Along with new subs opening up at 9am PST (who cares if you're already subscribed?) new PRODUCTS will be up every morning at 9am.  Now, this doesn't mean that every day you'll see 9 new items to choose from.  But if an item sells out the previous day, you'll see their replacements the next morning at 9am.  This also means you only have to check once a day, as the selections won't change until the next day at 9am.

Third: They are going to change the boxes themselves.  You'll start seeing your Beauty Army boxes showing up in all different colors.  The colors will always be a surprise, so no more collecting the same box every single month.

Fourth: Perfume samples, perfume samples, perfume samples? OK they heard you.  They're not getting rid of the perfume samples, BUT...they've got tons of new products lined up, and tons of MAKEUP lined up.  *cough*youngblood*cough*Besame*cough* sorry something must have gotten caught in my throat. Where was I? Oh yes, the new Director of Communications of Beauty Army had some strong names in her resume, including Bobbi Brown, L'Oreal, Estee Lauder...and we've heard rumors that she's still been sneaking in some communications with some of her old companies. We can't be sure, but you never know what'll show up in your selections!

There's a top secret project lined up.  All I could find was that it will be called "Candle Collection" and is for your eyes, and will be absolutely exclusive to Beauty Army, and will be available in 3 shades that are now being developed.

A few other notes...Beauty Army boxes are usually made to be 1 pound or less, so if you're trying to adjust your profile to get all full sized items, you might be having harder problems.  The full sized items are heavier, so the rest of your selections will probably be smaller.

They also showed me a Macadamia Oil which you might start seeing soon, valued at $13.50.

*whew* Did I say I had a scoop? I think I got the entire dump truck!

Feb 26, 2011
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I'll add in my few scoops. Beauty Army has approached a few companies who were also at IMATS. I won't say which ones as BA is still in talks with these companies. Being known as the "Beauty Box Guru" and knowing as much as I do on how most of these companies work I was able to talk with those companies on the fence. Several owners were not sure about if BA - or any other beauty box company - was right for them as many companies actually do not make sample sizes due to the cost. In fact, here's another reason why you don't see more makeup in beauty box companies - it actually costs the company more to mak the samples than it does a full size item. This is why more companies that DO have samples tend to send out foil type samples because it's not as expensive to fill a foil than it is to make a mini eyeliner for example. At any rate, after explaining to several of these companies how many subscribers BA potentially has and the fact that if a person ends up loving that sample the person is more willing to purchase the full size OR try something else from the line so it's a good way to advertise a product via these boxes. I think I MIGHT have convinced one company to work with BA so I'll shoot Nancy Lee or Lindsey about that.

Oct 12, 2011
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This could be enough to sway me away from Glossy Box. I could get two beauty Army boxes for roughly the same price. I really liked their customer service and their products. Their selection was getting a little dull for me but it sounds like they're stepping up their game.  I love it when a new company takes constructive comments from their customers and runs with it. It really shows that they value their customers, which makes me more than willing to hand over my hard earned cash. Thanks for the great sleuthing ladies. My boyfriend asks me how I can be on this forum so often and it's because you ladies are the best!


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