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Nov 12, 2008
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BHCosmetics brought their best sellers to IMATS, including their newest palettes: Smokey Eye and Party Girl.

This was the first time they showed at IMATS and were pretty busy when I stopped by.  They have a brand new logo which is comprised of ALL of their palettes put together.  They were offering a 50% discount at IMATS, which matches their wholesale prices.  The other palette they had that was popular was the 120 palettes, which were being sold for $15.

Photographer: Sal W Hanna

Party Girl, which I bought, was sold for $9, normally it retails for $17.95 and is on sale on the BH Cosmetics site right now for $12.57 (plus shipping). They also had the Jenni which I reviewed a few months ago but were selling that for $20 which actually was more than what it's currently on sale for on their site ($19.96) BUT of course ordering it online means paying for shipping which in the long run makes it more expensive. In the upcoming weeks I will have a review on the Party Girl palette but if it's anything like the Jenni I'm going to love using it. (I'm still not too fond of the 5th palette which my daughters ended up swiping from me.)