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Nov 12, 2008
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Cici Fashion Brush has been around for 5 years, producing their own brushes at their own factory. They boast great prices because you are literally purchasing direct from factory to you, with no other middle man or distributor in between.

They sell in their online store, and offer wholesale prices for distributors and schools.  They also offer private label sales, with can include artwork and labeling on the brushes.  They only have natural fiber brushes.

She told me that there are 10 levels of goat hair. So, all goat hair brushes are not the same.  She only uses the highest fibers, which means that they are softer fibers and won't scratch your face, like the lower quality brushes can do.

She said that their brush quality is the same as those you see in department stores for $300.  Their brush set is normally $150 + shipping on their website, but on sale for $68 at IMATS.

Have you tried them yourself? I'm thinking of purchasing them, but of course 'she,' whom I assume is in reference to the owner of the company, is going to say they are as good as $300 brushes. Do you know of anyone who has used them who can give a testimonial?  


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