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Nov 12, 2008
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MakeupTalk got a few minutes to speak to Keri Blair of MAC Cosmetics to learn what MAC had brought to IMATS LA. MAC was showcasing their MAC Pro line which is only available at select stores in the United States.  The only location around the Los Angeles area that has the Pro line is in Robertson.

They were also showcasing their two new Premier Fall Palettes, which are the Fall Trend Eye and Fall Trend Lip, being sold for $38.

They were created using the colors of Fashion Week 2012, Paris.  They include Plums, and nudes, with each color being .21 oz

The lipsticks have a vanilla scent to them.

MAC will never sell to boutiques or wholesalers, so if you purchase your MAC from any of these you should be wary if they are legitimate products.

Here are the two new palettes:

Photography: Sal W Hanna


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