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Nov 12, 2008
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Dinair, the creator of Airbrush makeup, has been around 30+ years.  The newest thing they're doing is using color theory to create 3-D makeup.

Literally, they were passing out 3-D glasses, and you could see the colors pop out and reach for you, like you were watching a 3D movie.  (The flower was floating inches above this model's chest lol)

They are not animal tested, and they use a water based makeup that lasts 12+ hours.

If you're able to attend IMATS, you should check out the 3-D makeup, it's neat to look at lol.  I'm not really sure *when* you'd ever need 3D glasses to view makeup (perhaps in a movie?) but it's a really neat thing to see haha.

I saw that and LOVED that makeup. It's so unique and the colors are vivid. I'll have pics of it up on Monday when I return home.


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