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Nov 12, 2008
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Embryolisse has a few new products that they are featuring this year.

They have a new bb cream, which is alcohol free. I was told that most bb creams out there have alcohol in them, but his product left that ingredient out as it can be harsh on the skin.  They also have a Baume Riche - a rich moisturizer for very dry skin.

They also have Vitivia, produced by an Italian company, which is pure Vitamin A, E, or C (A - for anti-aging retinoids to be used at night, C - to help fight hyperpigmentation to be used in the day, or E which is for overall skin health, which can also be used anytime to help fight scarring or burns.)  These used to be pharmaceutical grade only products, retailing for over $100.  They're currently $55, and selling for $40 at IMATS LA.


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