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Nov 12, 2008
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Shany Cosmetics is a new company that started in 2007, and sold exclusive in just a few stores (including Nordstrom).  In 2010, they began to sell publicly and have started attending trade shows to get their products pushed out to the public even more.

Their main game is that they sell EVERYTHING in sets at an affordable price.  You want nail polish? Well you can't buy our nail polish in singles, we sell them in sets of 24 so you get all of the colors. Can't afford it?  Well it's only $10.  For the entire set.

They also had a ton of makeup palettes as well as brush sets.  A majority of their brushes are real animal hair, with only two synthetic lines.

A majority of their products are manufactured in Europe (Paris and Luxemburg) or Korea.

They are also selling their newest products, which are mostly geared towards the makeup student: makeup cases, mannequin heads, studio chairs.

Their new website, will be revamped mid-July.


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