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Sep 14, 2005
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I AM: A goofball.

I HAVE: A chihuahua named Mora but her nicknames are: Sweet Pea, Little Poopy Head, Toodles, Moo Moo, Mooshy, and No, she's not confused. She answers to all of them.

I WANT: A massage.

I NEED: To not be so stressed out and learn to let go of things in my past.

I LIKE: Making people laugh.

I LOVE: My husband, dad, friends, and dog.

I MISS: My mom more than anything else.

I SEARCH: For answers

I WRITE: Poetry

I HEAR: the wind howling like a freight train outside.

I DANCE: Seductively like a stripper or fast-footed like James Brown. Sometimes it's a combo of both which = a maniac on the dancefloor.

I SING: Out loud and proud.

I SOUND: Like i'm having an orgasm when I eat and embarrass people sometimes.

I WONDER: If I can make it to the millenium club in a record time?

I CRY: From time to time but never in front of anyone.

I SMELL: Everything! My nose is very sensitive and I have this fixation with smelling things.

I HATE: Hatefulness

I OFTEN: Over analyze things.

I SOMETIMES: Go out w/o makeup.

I NEVER: Drink Sodas.

I ALWAYS: Wash my face before bed.

I NEVER HAVE: Done drugs.

I NEVER WILL: Do drugs.

I REGRET: Getting married the first time at 16.

I WISH: I could turn back time.

I LOOK: Sweet & Innocent and younger than my age. Atleast, that's what i'm told.

I SHOULD: Stop procrastinating.

Okay, copy and paste with your answers. I'm sorry it's kinda long but I thought it'd be interesting reading everyone's answers. Have fun!

I AM: extremely optomistic

I HAVE: an amazing husband, and 2 beautiful children, who are the loves of my life.

I WANT: to go visit my grandfather in Holland for his 100th birthday.

I NEED: to go out and buy new shampoo and conditioner. Loved the Pureology samples, may go look for that.

I LIKE: hanging out with friends.

I LOVE: lazy Saturday mornings with my husband and kids.

I MISS: having time for myself, sometimes

I SEARCH: for bargains

I WRITE: in my journal, when I have the time.

I HEAR: Cartoon Network on the TV in the next room.

I DANCE: All the time.

I SING: In the shower or in my car.

I SOUND: more and more like my mother.

I WONDER: How easily I will be able to make a career change.

I CRY: reading romance novels.

I SMELL: Like chocolate (yum!), my kids and I just ate chocolate chip cookies.

I HATE: bad drivers and mean people (might possibly be the same thing).

I OFTEN: drink green tea.

I SOMETIMES: exercise, well I go for a walk about 3 times a week.

I NEVER: deprive myself (thank god my metabolism is still pretty fast).

I ALWAYS: read books and sing dutch children's songs to my children at bedtime.

I NEVER HAVE: skydived.

I NEVER WILL: like flying.

I REGRET: not wearing sunscreen when I was younger, and going to tanning booths. I hope I didn't screw up my skin.

I WISH: I could win the lottery! So my husband could stay home and spend more time with me and the kids.

I LOOK: Eur-Asian. Which is what I am, I'm Dutch-Indonesian. But people always come up to me and ask if I'm all kinds of things. "Are you Creole? ...From Palestine?... Italian? ....Habla Espanol?..Are you from Hawaii..can I take a picture with you?" You name it, people have asked my if I am. It's such a kick! I think people see what they want to see in you.

I SHOULD: start taking my vitamins more consistently.


I AM: a very sarcastic person

I HAVE: so much love to give

I WANT: 2 weeks in St. Bart's

I NEED: to think of something for dinner

I LIKE: music, just sit there and listen to the bass

I LOVE: someone special to me

I MISS: my house in Europe

I SEARCH: endlessly for the right pair of jeans

I WRITE: post its to myself so I wont forget meetings and deadlines

I HEAR: nothing, it's so peaceful outisde today

I DANCE: mostly on weekends

I SING: in the car, on the treadmill, in the shower, everywhere

I SOUND: like I should work for those 900 numbers lol (its what I've been told, dont ask)

I WONDER: what the weather is like in Fiji right now

I CRY: when I'm angry

I SMELL: like coconut

I HATE: tardy people, it's just so rude and inconsiderate. show some respect

I OFTEN: Procastinate

I SOMETIMES: go 2 days without any sleep

I NEVER: get enough sleep

I ALWAYS: think about what it would have been like to have a sister

I NEVER HAVE: pet a dog/cat

I NEVER WILL: pet a dog/cat

I REGRET: not being more social, just can't find the time for it all

I WISH: he knew what I am thinking

I LOOK: for answers when I know there are none

I SHOULD: make myself some dinner, cause I haven't eaten since 9am

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Wow! This is a long one....

I am.. a Lady.

I have.. a job.

I want.. more money.

I need.. a root canal.

I like.. MAKEUP.

I love.. my boyfriend and my Pug.

I miss.. my Mom.

I search.. for the perfect foundation.

I write.. whatever pops into my head.

I hear.. cartoons.

I dance.. like Napolean Dynamite.

I sing.. really loud in the car.

I sound.. really bad when I am singing loudly in my car.

I wonder.. what my future holds.

I cry.. when watching the final episode of Sex and the City.

I smell.. like Marc Jacobs perfume.

I hate.. negativity

I often.. diet.

I sometimes.. stay in bed all day and watch talk shows.

I never.. say never.

I never will.. give-up.

I regret.. tanning.

I wish.. I was thinner.

I look.. better with eyeliner.

I should.. go to bed now.

I AM: Tough but yet, sensitive

I HAVE: a bad back

I WANT: my porche soon

I NEED: to blow my nose right now

I LIKE: Spicy foods

I LOVE: My Family

I MISS: My dad allot

I SEARCH: Google

I WRITE: Code for MUT

I HEAR: Crickets outside cuz it is late

I DANCE: Pretty darn good for a white boy

I SING: Nothing

I SOUND: Very convincing and authoritative when I speak

I WONDER: If my youngest son(4) will be as athletic as my oldest sone (17)

I CRY: Rarely, but did recentely

I SMELL: Nothing right now, cuz my nose is stuffed

I HATE: Smelling smokers breath

I OFTEN: get little sleep

I SOMETIMES: let out silent farts in public

I NEVER: smoke

I AM: exhausted from driving all day long.

I HAVE: too much make-up but I love it.

I WANT: a vacation.

I NEED: to learn how to relax.

I LIKE: meeting new people.

I LOVE: my family

I MISS: the friends that I have lost touch with in the past.

I SEARCH: for honesty

I WRITE: out

I HEAR: the humming of my CPU.

I DANCE: more when I am drunk...

I SING: in the car, in my room but never in front of others.

I WONDER: what you all are like in real life

I CRY: rarely and when I do, its because I am really hurt.

I SMELL: the candle that is burning in the room

I HATE: ignorance

I OFTEN: don't know how to let go.

I SOMETIMES: go to bed with my MU on....YIKES!

I NEVER: been in a submarine

I ALWAYS: chew gum

I NEVER HAVE: eating rabbit.

I NEVER WILL: be able to be a public speaker

I REGRET: friendships that I have lost

I WISH: start over again

I LOOK: ok

I SHOULD: do some laundry but its too late

Lisa - it's scary how much we have in common!!!

I AM: A goofball.

I HAVE: many things I want to accomplish.

I WANT: A day off all to myself to sleep late and go to a day spa.

I NEED: To not be so stressed out and learn to let go of things in my past.

I LIKE: Making people laugh.

I LOVE: My husband, dad, friends, and pets.

I MISS: My mom more than anything else.

I SEARCH: for the perfect jeans.

I WRITE: reminder lists

I HEAR: my co-worker yakking on the phone.

I DANCE: pretty good - I think.

I SING: Out loud but only when I'm alone.

I SOUND: funny when I do impressions of people.

I WONDER: If I will ever pay off my debts.

I CRY: when I'm pms-ing, but am not witchy.

I SMELL: Everything! My nose is very sensitive and I have this fixation with smelling things.

I HATE: backstabbing, jealousy, envy and pettiness.

I OFTEN: Over analyze things.

I SOMETIMES: Go out w/o makeup.

I NEVER: drink soda.

I ALWAYS: Wash my face before bed & brush & floss my teeth.

I NEVER HAVE: had children.

I NEVER WILL: have children.

I REGRET: Getting married the first time at 25.

I WISH: I could turn back time.

I LOOK: younger than my age. At least, that's what I'm told.

I SHOULD: Stop shopping and start saving for retirement.

I AM: a lazy student(right now) / partygirl

I HAVE: my belly button pierced

I WANT: somebody to cook me a steak right now

I NEED: a steak...I mentioned this before. where is it? I´m still waiting....

I LIKE: shopping and going out. and Dismissed on MTV

I LOVE: my family, my cat and my friends

I MISS: my "family" in the US

I SEARCH: for that peach tank top...guess I left it at a friend´s house

I WRITE: notes for my exam

I HEAR: some Christina Aguilera song on my winamp

I DANCE: on a pole, just for fun though

I SING: when I´m driving my mum´s car

I SOUND: like a freak when i talk to my cat...I have a million pet names in store. can´t help loving my furry little baby

I WONDER: how long I can afford MAC

I CRY: all the time. during sad movies, commercials, when looking at pictures, when thinking of people I miss, when thinking of things that hurt me

I SMELL: food before I eat it. I drive my mum crazy by doing that but I can´t help it. If I don´t like the smell of something then I won´t eat it

I HATE: liars and cheaters

I OFTEN: plan too much. then I´m dissappointed when the plan doesn´t work out

I SOMETIMES: trust people too soon

I NEVER: smoke

I ALWAYS: wear perfume when I leave the house

I NEVER HAVE: Done drugs

I NEVER WILL: Do drugs

I REGRET: nothing

I WISH: I could have a steak now

I LOOK: innocent/ least that´s what I´ve been told

I SHOULD: go grocery shopping right now

I AM: still sleepy

I HAVE: a sore tooth

I WANT: a clean house

I NEED: to start packing

I LIKE: taking long hot baths

I LOVE: shopping!

I MISS: sleep

I SEARCH: for socks

I WRITE: pretty sloppy

I HEAR: Go Deigo Go, and my daughter singing along

I DANCE: only when I have been drinking

I SING: off key

I SOUND: like a kid on the phone

I WONDER: what the future will bring

I CRY: too easily

I SMELL: coffee and waffles

I HATE: pain

I OFTEN: think the worst of situations

I SOMETIMES: think I want a divorce

I NEVER: like getting hot and sweaty

I ALWAYS: make a mess

I NEVER HAVE: been to New York

I NEVER WILL: have small feet

I REGRET: not ever living on my own

I WISH: I was rich

I LOOK: for deals and bargains

I SHOULD: be doing a million other things instead of playing on the computer right now.

I AM: very critical of myself and others (very bad trait)

I HAVE: a 16 year old daughter and a beautiful baby boy yellow lab

I WANT: somebody I can't have right now and it sucks

I NEED: lots of new fall/winter clothes

I LIKE: to fix up my condo

I LOVE: My daughter, mom, dad, sister, brother in law, neices aunts & uncles etc.... (FAMILY)

I MISS: my kick ass body I had in my 20's (still not fat but had a great bod then)

I SEARCH: an answer in everyone when they come to me with a problem, or if they are looking for something, I always try to find it

I WRITE: scribbles and my name hundreds of times when I'm on the phone

I HEAR: a dumb commercial on the dumb radio station here at work

I DANCE: really fast to whatever I hear on the radio before I go to bed everynight and tell myself it's exercising (1 minute before bed)

I SING: when I´m driving in the car, at work, at concerts wherever there is music

I SOUND: more like my mom everyday when I talk to my child

I WONDER: if I'll be married in 5 years

I CRY: when I'm pissed off, or when I watch a sad movie

I SMELL: everything!!

I HATE: waking up early in the morning

I OFTEN: sleep late on the weekends after I get up at 6:00 am to let the dog out

I SOMETIMES: walk around the house naked

I NEVER: let anyone see me walk around the house naked (except the dog)

I ALWAYS: talk to myself

I NEVER HAVE: let anyone hear me talk to myself

I NEVER WILL: let myself get fat

I REGRET: not going to college right after highschool and now have to go to college at night

I WISH: I had lots of freaking money, like up the wazoo kinda money

I LOOK: older and older everyday, but my daughter says her friends say I'm the youngest out of all the mom's her age

I SHOULD: get back to work before I get fired.

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Here's an oldie I thought i'd give a friendly bump to since there's so many new members.



I AM: a perfectionist, anal-retentive... Take your name pick LMAO!

I HAVE: a lovely husband and two great kids.

I WANT: a diamond pendant for my birthday.

I NEED: to learn to quit trying to be 100% perfect most times.

I LIKE: being around the people I care about.

I LOVE: my family and friends.

I MISS: my family and friends in GA, and my two cats which have passed away.

I SEARCH: for various things depending on the day.

I WRITE: poetry... Even have one poem published!

I HEAR: my keyboard clanking while I type.

I DANCE: according to the music.

I SING: when I'm alone.

I SOUND: Decent at times... I'm no Christina Aguilera.

I WONDER: if I'll ever get to travel Europe?

I CRY: when I'm extremely pi$$ed off or upset.

I SMELL: nothing at the moment.

I HATE: lots of different things.

I OFTEN: think too much.

I SOMETIMES: go to bed in my makeup.

I NEVER: do drugs (anymore!).

I ALWAYS: have a cup of coffee in the morning.

I NEVER HAVE: gone skydiving.

I NEVER WILL: intentionally eat squid.

I REGRET: lots of things I've one in my life.

I WISH: I could win the lottery.

I LOOK: like a cross between my mom and dad, but mostly like my mom.

I SHOULD: finally finish my website.

I AM: very sarcastic, but in that funny "ha ha" kind of way.

I HAVE: a crappy car that is covered in frozen snow& dents.

I WANT: my shift at work to be over already!!

I NEED: to not freak out over things so often - I think I've caused myself way too much unnecessary holiday stress because of this.

I LIKE: making people happy.

I LOVE: my guy, my family, my friends, my cat...

I MISS: being a carefree kid.

I SEARCH: constantly for that dang sock and pair of underwear my dryer ate.

I WRITE: poetry and song lyrics.

I HEAR: the buzz of computers around me.

I DANCE: like a spaz, because I can, lol.

I SING: and rock out to my music when I'm in my car.

I SOUND: really sexy when I talk on the phone (or so I've been told - honestly, I think I sound like a 12 year old who's been inhaling helium, but what do I know).

I WONDER: if it really will snow all weekend...

I CRY: when I need to, but not in front of anyone if I can help it.

I SMELL: like a freshly powdered baby's butt

I HATE: hating people.

I OFTEN: worry too much.

I SOMETIMES: dance around the house naked.

I NEVER: go into bars where I live.

I ALWAYS: tell people I love them before I leave to go somewhere.

I NEVER HAVE: gone to jail.

I NEVER WILL: do drugs.

I REGRET: nothing, because I really try my hardest not to regret anything.

I WISH: I could fly.

I LOOK: like I'm 16, even though I'm almost 22.

I SHOULD: finish wrapping presents.

Okay, copy and paste with your answers. I'm sorry it's kinda long but I thought it'd be interesting reading everyone's answers. Have fun!

I AM: a proud mama! my son graduates from college in june!

I HAVE: the best sister in the world. she's my best friend!

I WANT: to create a beautiful treatment in my extra bedroom.

I NEED: to work hard at keeping up my workout routine through the holidays.

I LIKE: having time off from work for the holidays.

I LOVE: spending time with my family

I MISS: my mom more than anything else! (i'm with you on this one, lisa!)

I SEARCH: for what i should be doing with this phase of my life.

I WRITE: lists for everything

I HEAR: rachel ray on the tube.

I DANCE: with my hubby. we take ballroom dance lessons!

I SING: badly, but i do it anyway.

I SOUND: like i'm mad to alot of people, but i'm really not.

I WONDER: all my dreams will come true?

I CRY: very rarely

I SMELL: everything! my nose is very sensitive and I have this fixation with smelling things. (i'm with you on this one too, lisa)

I HATE: people who are mean or treat others unfairly

I OFTEN: visit mut when i should be working

I SOMETIMES: go without putting on lotion, and regret it!

I NEVER: say what i would never do

I ALWAYS: remind myself not to take myself too seriously.

I NEVER HAVE: traveled to paris

I NEVER WILL: be mean to someone just to make myself feel better

I REGRET: not having more children

I WISH: my mom was still here to see how her family has grown

I LOOK: like i have it all together (haha, fooled ya!)

I SHOULD: remember to count my blessings everyday!

great thread! thanks lisa!

I AM: Jessica.

I HAVE: A new shoes.

I WANT: sleep.

I NEED: to enjoy my break.

I LIKE: Making people laugh.

I LOVE: my friends and family.

I MISS: My grandma!

I SEARCH: For answers!

I WRITE: in school.

I HEAR: Simple plan.

I DANCE: like a bad influence.

I SING: Out loud and proud.

I SOUND: like a dying cat when i sing.

I WONDER: nothing..

I CRY: when im sad.

I SMELL: the purfume next to me.

I HATE: Hatefulness

I OFTEN: Over analyze things.

I SOMETIMES: forget things.

I NEVER: cuss.

I ALWAYS: Wash my face before bed.

I NEVER HAVE: Done drugs.

I NEVER WILL: Do drugs.

I REGRET: when im mean to people.

I WISH: I could turn back time.

I LOOK: older than i really am.

I SHOULD: Stop procrastinating.

haha I'm having fun filing out surveys and reading everyone else's!!!

I AM: an odd cookie.

I HAVE: an addction to cigarettes, which I hope to conquer soon.

I WANT: MAC Danse MSFs!!! (counting the days till I RUN to MAC counter, lol)

I NEED: to start looking for a job soon.

I LIKE: watching my hubby and my kittie roxy play hide & seek with each other.

I LOVE: My hubby, my kittie, my turley, my sister, and my parents.

I MISS: Davis... hard to believe that I'd end up missing that small college town!

I SEARCH: for MU reviews & feedbacks.

I WRITE: uhm, I haven't written stuff in like forever, but used to write journal entries.... where is my journal now that I think about it?

I HEAR: the Borg lady talking to 7 of 9 on tv (Startrek)

I DANCE: like I know how, but I'm just bluffing it!!!

I SING: Out loud and proud (and off-key on purpose too!!!)

I SOUND: like I'm serious, but half the time I'm not

I WONDER: if I can make it to the elite club?

I CRY: occassionally, but in private so no one knows if I do.

I SMELL: well, my nose is not too keen on smelling stuff unless they're obvious.

I HATE: all insects!!! ewww!!!

I OFTEN: think about stuff too much.

I SOMETIMES: go to sleep without washing my face (hey, at least I don't have MU on that day, hehe)

I NEVER: go a day without calling my mom or my sister.

I ALWAYS: kiss my hubby good nite before falling asleep

I NEVER HAVE: gone skydiving

I NEVER WILL: jump off the building

I REGRET: not going to college on time, and also not having explored career options sooner.

I WISH: I could have gotten into MAC sooner!

I LOOK: younger than my age.

I SHOULD: start cleaning the house!

I AM: drinking tea and burning some cds as i sit here

I HAVE: one of the coolest kitchen tables ever

I WANT: my dad to stop what sounds like smashing the dishes together

I NEED: to figure out why my eye area is so so dry lately

I LIKE: trying new foods

I LOVE: skittles and pink lemonade

I MISS: not having to pay bills

I SEARCH: randomness on the internet

I WRITE: long rants/essays for no reason

I HEAR: my dad eating a slice of left over pizza from yesterday

I DANCE: like a total moron

I SING: really loud while im driving in the car

I SOUND: like im in labor when i laugh really hard

I WONDER: if i will ever finish school

I CRY: now a little because im taking lower dossage of zoloft and its now letting me

I SMELL: nothing really, my nose is kinda stuffy

I HATE: stupid stupid people and anne coulter

I OFTEN: get parking tickets

I SOMETIMES: wont take a shower for a few days out of purse laziness

I NEVER: drive without a seat belt

I ALWAYS: wash my body 2x in the shower

I NEVER HAVE: broken a bone

I NEVER WILL: wear those annoying have sweater things

I REGRET: not trying harder at school

I WISH: we were gaurenteed to live at least 100 years

I LOOK: younger than my age, that i keep getting hit on by high school kids

I SHOULD: really go and take a shower sometime today.

I AM: A friendly, loving, caring, respectful, truthful, faithful, funny and loyal person.

I HAVE: To put my daughter in bed cause she is bugging me too much.

I WANT: to have this baby already, i am tired of being pregnant lol.

I NEED: to go to the bathroom

I LIKE: Making people happy, making them laugh, makeup, music, photography, going out with my husband, kissing him, playing with my kids cause they're so fun, being able to have time to myself, and cooking!

I LOVE: My husband, my babies, my family and the life that God has given me to share with all of them.

I MISS: My mom, my friends, my sister (sometimes) but most of all i miss my son who is far away from me right now, and the times i used to spend with my husband all by ourselves.

I SEARCH: The truth

I WRITE: nothing

I HEAR: my husband peeing lol

I DANCE: sometimes..

I SING: sometimes

I SOUND: i sound good when i sing sometimes lol

I WONDER: how much time they will give me for my new visa

I CRY: most of the time now that i am pregnant.

I SMELL: uhm, nothing right now...

I HATE: Hypocresy, lies, unfaithfulness, stupid people, and slutiness lol

I OFTEN: Try to open people's eyes, snap because they don't listen, and get upset because they look for any excuses to not do what they really want to do.

I SOMETIMES: Say things that appear to be mean but what i really mean is to make people see that i care too much about them and that is why i say what i say.

I NEVER: Cheat, treat people bad on purpose.

I ALWAYS: like cleaning everything, i have a thing for clean stuff.

I NEVER HAVE: Killed anyone, done drugs or had any deadly diseases (i think).

I NEVER WILL: Lie to people, hurt people on purpose, betray people, or leave them when they need me.

I REGRET: Not bringing my son with me when i first came here.

I WISH: I could stop cleaning because my daughter leaves everything lying around everywhere!.

I LOOK: Sweet and younger than i am, and i have to admit i am sweet most of the time to everyone but i can be a major B*tch sometimes lol.

I SHOULD: Stop procrastinating too -sigh- and being too good to some ppl sometimes.

I AM: Sarcastic and quite strange

I HAVE: to do a lot of things

I WANT: to be happy

I NEED: to go to sleep

I LIKE: makeup, computers, digital art, clothes, shoes, piercings

I LOVE: most of my family, music

I MISS: sanity

I SEARCH: for everything

I WRITE: like a 2 yr old with a crayon

I HEAR: Smashing Pumpkins - Zero | Stone Sour - Silly

I DANCE: never

I SING: constantly

I SOUND: like a 3 yr old on the phone

I WONDER: if I'll ever fall inlove and have a family

I CRY: when extremely upset off

I SMELL: nothing at the moment

I HATE: lots of things, ebonics, drugs, stupidity

I OFTEN: over think things, then decide not to take risks even though I should sometimes

I SOMETIMES: do stupid things

I NEVER: Cheat, or sugar coat things

I ALWAYS: try to have an intelligent conversation

I NEVER HAVE: done drugs, been arrested

I NEVER WILL: do drugs

I REGRET: not being myself from day one, trying to please other people first

I WISH: I knew what to do in life

I LOOK: younger than I am

I SHOULD: be sleeping and other things aswell

I AM: A gifted human

I HAVE: Very good PC Skills

I WANT: A massage all over my body

I NEED: Win the lottery

I LIKE: iPod Nano

I LOVE: My Kids

I MISS: Going to the bar

I SEARCH: For Ghost

I WRITE: in my head then type

I HEAR: Many voices whispering tongue language

I DANCE: Wicked when Drunk

I SING: Like humming

I SOUND: Like I'm part deaf

I WONDER: If I ever win the big one $$

I CRY: When my feeling get hurt

I SMELL: Money

I HATE: Backstabbers and obviously jealous people

I OFTEN: worry so much I make myself sick

I SOMETIMES: Sneak a chocolate bar uptown

I NEVER: Wore foundation all my life

I ALWAYS: Lived in haunted homes since I was little

I NEVER HAVE: Worn makeup all my women life till I came on MUT

I NEVER WILL: Cut my hair short Never!! (it looks horrid on me)

I REGRET: Being mean to my brother who was favoured in the family

I WISH: I was rich

I LOOK:Very young for my age and honestly I love it!!!

I SHOULD: Get Rich


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