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Apr 17, 2005
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What one eye shadow would you grab to take with you in the event of this emergency (i know very hypothetical cuz we'd be grabbing kids, pets, photos) if you knew it would have to be your only eye shadow for a long, long time.

Mine would be shu uemura ME silver 945 !!! Love this one!

Stila Java. I can get away with not wearing a lot of make up because of my colouring and this isn't a shadow I use everyday, but I could use it to line my eyes, do a smoky look and to define my eye brows.

Oh that's bad.....

Mine would be MAC Mylar e/s

I'd take Chanel Coromandels

I don't think I'd remember to grab any makeup on emergency situations like that; I'd grab important papers and certificates for sure.

that's hard...

i would grab my traincase. lol.

i'll tell my bf to grab the cat. hahahahaha

Originally Posted by Liz that's hard...
i would grab my traincase. lol.

i'll tell my bf to grab the cat. hahahahaha


I'm going to also go with Shu ME Silver 945!! I just love that shadow!!
Now I'm totally blocking this topic from my thoughts, as I'd have a breakdown if I lost all my makeup!!

It's not really an eyeshadow, but I love wet'n'wild all over shimmer...multi purpose brow/face highlighter and pretty on its own on the lid!

If it HAD to be a shadow, I'd say Clinique Foxy, so easy to get it on perfectly, and is a great neutral color

Oh boy this one is hard. If I was going to be missing a lot of work I would choose a crazy color like Kryolan red, but if I was going to be going to work right away I'd choose something more practical like my MOD cosmetics pink palette.


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