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Oct 22, 2007
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Does anyone have any good ideas on how to remove blackheads without using the stripes? Those things work but are like 6 bucks a pack which can get costly after a while. I want to try those tool thingys but i dunno, it looks like it might hurt. I saw this one battery operated suction cup/ vacuum type thingy today its supposed to remove blackheads, has anyone tried it and does it work?

Originally Posted by Bombheart /img/forum/go_quote.gif Your finger. :B
Naw, tweezers work for me. =)

oh my lord doesn't that leave marks?!?! Do you just squeeze em out with the tweezer after you take a shower?
after washing your face with warm water,(or you can put a wet warm wrag on your face, or wherever you want it), so that your pores are opened, and it'll make it easier to get out. you can use a comedome extractor, or tissue if you don't have one. try to go easy, if it's deep in there, it might not all come out at once, or might not until it's closer to the surface. but anyways, push on it gently. you don't want to bust a blood vessel. stop if you have to, then do it again, just a little bit at a time until you can see it coming out, then finish, if that makes since. afterwards, put an ice cube on it to close the pore,cold water, or just toner. i also put an antibiotic ointment on it afterwards.

When I do extraction during a facial, I do it after steaming the face. You can buy a facial steamer quite cheaply now or just put hot water into a bowl and put your head over it with a tea-towel over your head.

Do that for 5 minutes then you take two pieces of tissue around the knuckles of each forefinger, then either side of the black head you use your knuckles to press the skin and sort of wiggle it and the blackhead should push upwards, then you just wipe it away.

Sorry, I'm not great at explaining, so hopefully that makes sense!!

neturgeana got a great line visably clear i use it and its great

you can see the products in my notepad