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Jan 8, 2008
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i have dont alot of research on products im willing to buy. and on ingredients on boxes, some companies fool you! it will say it doesnt have oil, but they just use a more scientific name for it. i feel so low and jipped now. i try to trust high end makeup. do you research ingredients? i think it is very helpful to truly know what you are putting on your face on a daily basis. is there a makeup line that has pure and natural ingredients, excluding BE?

A lot of MMU has what you might call pure and natural ingredients, but this really depends on what your definition is. For instance, nearly all MMU uses Oxides for colour.

Iron Oxide is a naturally occuring mineral. We commonly call it rust. Obviously we don't want to put rust on our faces, so the yucky bits are removed. Therefore, as it has been processed, in fact, artificially created, can you call it natural?

There are also many things that are entirely man made, that have a greater effect, with milder ingredients. I make hand made soap. I use only ingredients that I consider "pure and natural", ie, organic olive oil, silk, honey, beeswax, etc etc. Now, I love handmade soap, I have found that my skin is better and I use it on my face everyday. Handmade soap has a PH level of around 7 which is fine, but there are people that really can't take to it. Their skin just isnt happy using it. They would much prefer glycerin soap, such as LUSH or glycerin wash bars. These are made from a combination of synthetic materials, but they have a lower PH, and so are milder in some ways. Some even promise not to sting your eyes, where as soap always will!

I am probably boring you to tears, but this is a passion of mine, i make soaps, lotions and cosmetics, and researching ingredients is very eye opening!

Please don't be afraid of oils, some are lovely for your skin, and they don't necessarily mean you will break out. If you have questions about a specific product or ingredient, I am happy to explain it if I can

i do research ingredients, i think it's very important because you don't wanna buy a harsh product or a product containing an ingredient you know you're allergic too.

i think the main difference you have to do, is if the product has been entirely artificially created because it doesn't exist in nature, or is it a product you can find under whatever form in the nature and has been processed (and how it has been processed). for me, a product from the second category has proved to be better for my skin. also don't be afraid of oils, as micki said they won't necessarily break you out.

thanks for all the tips

im guessing the safe oils are lavender oil and others similar to that?

what brand would you suggest for sensitve/acne prone skin?

A brand I know and trust in the USA is LA Minerals. I belong to a forum where she is a member and she gets rave reviews consistently. i know a few Australians who ship her products over as they are so good. And she uses all natural as much as possible. I can't post links yet but she is Do give her a try, and let me know. As for essential oils for acne prone faces, Lavender is a good safe bet, add a couple drops to Witch Hazel and use as a toner can help. I also like a lot of the citrus oils for oily/acne though, lemon and orange. be careful of sun exposure though, orange and some other citrus can make you photosensitive. My favourites for oily/acne though are Lime and Lemon Myrtle. Lemon Myrtle is not as common, but it is antiseptic and antiviral. I have had fabulous results using these 2 in a soap for warts (a virus) and so far has cured 7 people of warts that they had tried many other solutions with. I also use it for one of my clients in a dry clay mask, daily facial oil and toner. I also incorporate it into the MMU I blend for her, so she has a full range all helping to keep her severe acne under control. She has had fantastic results, she saw a huge improvement in under a week, and its getting better all the time. Just try to keep things as simple as you can, I think we stress our skin these days with so many products. It looks like you have figured that for yourself though! If you wanted a facial oil for yourself i would try to get hold of some hazelnut or jojoba. Jojoba (though is a wax really) is a light oil and suits many skins. Hazelnut has very slight astringent properties so will help to control oil and acne. Maybe a few drops of your essential oil of choice into one of these as a base would be helpful. Use always on a clean DAMP face. Best moisturiser ever.

Hope any of this was helpful.



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