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Jan 18, 2007
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Does anyone have a good way to prevent ingrown toe nails. I dont have any but Im just wondering what you guys do to prevent this. I know about the not to cut it short and stuff but if you were to get one, how would you take care of it yourself?

keep the cut straight across. keep it clean. if it gets bad try a little ball of cotton under the corner of the nail it will help it to grow out instead of in

Cutting it straight is what I've always read.... but i've been plagued with ingrown toenails forever... i usually end up with a small pair of sizzors or an exacto blade sutting down deep to remove the ingrown part....

I get these all the time. I keep the nails on my toes a little bit longer than the rest of them and that seems to help some. Also make sure that your shoes fit properly.


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