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Dec 27, 2011
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Quote: In its first big policy shift since Facebook bought the photo-sharing site, Instagram claims the right to sell users' photos without payment or notification. Oh, and there's no way to opt out.

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Yeah, I think I am deleting my account. This sucks, I was just starting to really get into using it too!!

I thought it was a cute app and with it cross posting to FB and my twitter account, I thought it was pretty handy. But not that this price.

So now they are a Stock Photo site... That doesn't offer you compensation for your work. Perfect timing, since fb had that vote about copyrights last week... It's only when you break the law then suddenly you own the rights to your photos. Nice.

Thanks for the head's up. Deleted mine. So many other places to share pics it seems pointless to even bother with them after this.

Here's what the new TOS implies to me.

Say you're a famous nail blogger and you upload a pictures of your nail art on Instagram. A nail polish company rep sees it and likes the images and wants to use it to promote something, instead of going to the blogger and compensate the blogger that company can instead go to Instagram (if they're already advertising on Instagram) and just get their permission to use that image.

Similar situations have happened to numerous nail bloggers in the past where some companies have taken their images, cropped out their watermark and used it in various promotional art/ads. The most recent one that comes to mind is from this past July or August and I know that I know the ladies whose images were used without permission but off hand can't recall which ladies it was - possibly Lacquered Lover.

I think Instagram needs to revise their revision because people won't use a service if it means that Instagram can essentially sell a license to someone else to use the work and not compensate the person who uploaded the image in the first place.

Its dumb, but I don't wanna delete my account. I like using it for fun, and I wouldn't use it for anything important.

I think it is mainly because of celebrities. They don't want to ask for their pictures, they just want to be able to use them freely.

Now that Flickr has a mobile app with sharing, I'm going to switch to that. I much prefer Flickr anyways.


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