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Feb 17, 2004
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InStyle's June 2004 Beauty Buzz

Amy Synott tells what's new in makeup, skin-care & hair-care.

Excerpts from this article are quoted from page 300.

Stars and other folks like you and I are now using stretch mark cream to treat facial wrinkles. Strivectin is the name of the cream that Jennifer Lopez and Charlize Theron use. Biochemist, Nathalie Chevrea says, "when we tested it on subjects, some were confused and put it on their wrinkles ... we found it worked on both" [i wonder if the testers were blonde?] Dermatologist Melanie Grossman of N.Y.C. isn't surprised: "It makes snes that a stretch-mark cream could help wrinkles; both problems have to do with collagen and elastin."

Newsflash: According to Clairol, 28% of natural brunettes spend their lives as blondes.

Have you ever thought of spraying on your pantyhose? I didn't think so. There are airbrush foundations and airbrush tans already. Now Sally Hansen and other beauty companies are selling spray-on stockings. [i think they'd make even more money with spray-on boobs.] Air Stocking is a Japanese product that has recently become available in the United States. Makeup artist, Nick Barose, tried it out and had this to say: "It's like they took a pair of pantyhose and put them in a blender." [i wonder how long he's been wearing pantyhose.]

Dermatologist, Philip Cohen has created a chocolate that you must have. He claims that his Ecco Bella chocolate bar (1.75 oz, 268 cal, 17 g fat) tastes delicious and has more antioxidants that most fruits and vegetables, plus about as much fiber as an apple. He says that it will not raise cholesterol! [i bet he's married.]

The Ecco Bella bar contains organic cocoa liquor, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, cranberry seed oil, blueberry extract, lutein and lycopene.

Internist, David Seres feels he needs to pop in with this opinion: "It's a stretch to call this chocolate bar healthy since it still contains a lot of calories and some saturated fat ... It might be a little less unhealhy that regular chocolate because of the fiber and fatty acids." [i'm sure this guy's a bowl of cherries.]

Taste testers declared it "delicious." If you want to try it out go to where it costs $3.95 for a 1.75 oz bar. They ship internationally too. [i bet you can make it dissapear before any oxidants attack you.]

Attention nail fans: There is a polish-free manicure that involves burnishing nails to a high shine. It gives a pretty, nude looks that's fresh and classic-looking. Nail Expert, Tish Rourke calls it "the high roller buff."

To do this at home, all you need is a good buffer. Rescue salon owner, Ji Baek, says about 30 percent of her clients get buffed. "Fashion editors have it done before they go to the shows in Europe," Baek says. "That way they don't have to worry about chipping." [or tipping]

For Buffing, Elton John uses the Girlfriend model by Creative Nail Design, $7.50 for four.


I've been doing the polish-free manicure recently and it really looks beautiful and natural. It's also very easy as long as you have the right buffer.