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Mar 15, 2005
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Got this in one of my PR news. Interesting! Hmmm, who would wait 4-12 months for eyebrows to grow back in? And hair can grow in far away from the spot that Rogaine has been applied? Hmm, eyebrow, hair growing on cheek.. lovely!


Will Rogaine help regrow sparse eyebrows -- without side effects?

It's possible, despite dearth of research, but it might be slow

Q. I read recently in a fashion magazine that Rogaine could be useful for women whose eyebrows have become sparse due to years of tweezing. They recommended the product be applied with a Q-tip to the brow area and said it would take a few months to see results. Could this possibly work? I am usually skeptical of gimmicky-sounding tips from magazines, but my brows are the one thing that I truly dislike about my face. I have been tweezing for about 13 years and would give anything not to have to fill in the bald spots in my brows with powder each day. Please let me know if the side effects of Rogaine (hair growth on other areas, etc.) are still a possibility, given the small area of the body it is being applied to.

The possibility of Rogaine (active ingredient minoxidil) working on eyebrows is not supported by any research. Even if it were, there are safety issues for this kind of application, because getting this stuff in the eyes is a problem. In terms of efficacy, there is some anecdotal research that it could work to grow brow hair. This assumption is most likely due to the fact that excess hair growth on the chin or upper lip can occur when Rogaine is put on the scalp; that is, hair can grow far away from where the Rogaine was applied. No one is quite sure what triggers the excess growth in spots where Rogaine isn't applied, but then again, no one is quite sure how Rogaine actually works to regrow hair on the scalp, either.

If you decide to try Rogaine (or a generic version of Rogaine with the active ingredient minoxidil), remember that it will take a good deal of time to see results, far more time than it can actually take for hair to grow back naturally.

According to Pfizer, the company that makes Rogaine, even if you use the 5 percent strength on the scalp twice a day, it can still take four to 12 months to see results.

Paula Begoun is the author of "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me (6th edition)" (Beginning Press, $27.95). Questions: 13075 Gateway Drive, Suite 160, Seattle, WA 98168;

i'm using talika lipocils that are for the eyebrows. i heard that that one is better for trying to get eye lash growth so that you can get the product onto the lashline, unlike the mascara wand one. i've got a little sparse spot in my eyebrows too. i plucked them cause they were growing the wrong way and were bugging me. bad mistake. lol i'll update if there's a difference in brows or lashes.


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