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Apr 20, 2004
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Makes lots of sense ladies....esp #8 & 9!

10 Fashion mistakes that can spoil your look

by Diana Pemberton-Sikes

While the world may be leaning toward more casual attire, there are still a number of fashion faux pas you need to avoid regardless of the occasion or dress code. Diana Pemberton-Sikes points out ten frequent mistakes.

Ten Common Mistakes

[*]Wearing the wrong colors -- All skin tones are not created equal. The lime green or hot pink that you saw on the runways may look fabulous on the models, but horrible on you. Experiment with different colors and stick with the palettes that look best on you, regardless of what's "au currant." Don't waste your money on clothes that make you look pale, sallow, jaundiced, or washed out.

[*]Wearing a size too small -- If it doesn't fit, don't wear it. Squeezing into a size eight may feed your vanity, but it will make you appear overfed to everyone else. Shop by FIT, not by size. If you can't sit down or you feel as trussed up as a turkey, you're not going to look your best. Why put yourself through that kind of torture? Find clothes that fit or have them tailored to fit and stack the cards in your favor.

[*]Inappropriate makeup -- Light for day, heavier for evening, sheer for sports or other strenuous pursuits. You wear different clothes for different activities in you life; your makeup should change as well. And if you're still doing Cleopatra eyes, it's time to turn the page and see what's happening THIS century in makeup styles.

[*]Wearing the wrong color of hose -- You'll look taller and trimmer by matching the color of your hose to your shoes and your hem. Wearing a black skirt and shoes? Opt for sheer black hose. Have a bright blue dress and taupe shoes? Go for the taupe-colored hose. What? You only wear black hose because they hide things you don't want people to see? Well, guess what: unless your whole outfit is black, you're CALLING ATTENTION to your legs. If that's not what you want, it's time to rethink your plan.

[*]Rundown shoes -- You look great...from the ankles up. If your shoes have seen better days, find a good shoe repair shop and put them in for some TLC. Polish them regularly. Use a felt tip marker on scuffs, and put a piece of soft carpet under your feet when you drive. And most importantly, invest in a good pair if you're going to wear them every day. Don't buy them at the Five and Dime and then wonder why they don't last.

[*]Broken nails, chipped polish. -- Keep your nails clean and evenly trimmed. To make repairs quickly, have clippers and a nail file in your purse and desk at work. Paint over chips or remove all polish. If you're in a business environment, stick with conservative nail polish colors at work and save the sparkly/neon/funky looks for weekends and vacations. Dragon-lady lengths are never appropriate for business.

[*]Slips that show -- Unfortunately, one length does NOT fit all. Buy slips in several lengths and replace them once the elastic wears. For the most discreet linings, buy slips in the colors you wear most often, like black, navy, beige, and white. You want to mute the sheerness of your garment-not all attention to the color of your slip.

[*]Underarm stains -- First, buy deodorant that works with your body. You may have to try a few to find the best one for you, and you may need to change every now and again if your chemistry changes, like after having a baby, starting new medication, going through menopause, or the like. My personal favorite: Mitchum solid. If you perspire heavily or need a surefire method to prevent stains, consider using dress shields.

[*]Visible bra lines -- Make sure your bra fits properly. If it rides up in back, slips of the shoulders, or lets your breasts sag instead of offering support, then it's time to seek professional help. You can usually find trained fitters in the lingerie departments of better department stores. Call around for an appointment.

[*]Roots -- Hair color can do wonderful things for you, but it can also be hard on the budget. If you can't afford the regular maintenance required by allover color, consider getting highlights instead. And whatever you do, make sure your hair color matches your skin tone.

Take a few minutes to attend to the details. Why spoil your look when looking great is nearly as easy?

I second the # 2 as well. There are way too many sausages walking around. It does NOT look good. Men don't like it either. EEEEEeeeeek.

The nylons post surprised me. I hate the feel of nylons but I sometimes wear tights in the winter that match my shoes.

I enjoyed the post. Tx!



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