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May 19, 2006
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I was wondering if anyone ever watches this show. It comes on Friday nights at 9:00pm on A&E!! I love to watch it.

Yep!! It's one of my big guilty pleasures. My fiance and I both love it. We sit down and watch it and eat pizza or something, and we always end up getting into great long conversations after it goes off stemming from like "that reminded me of this guy I once knew" or something like that. Love it.

That show is good. It's been so long since I've seen it though. Everytime I think its going to be on it doesnt come on.

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that watches it. I love it. Hubby will watch it occassionally. I can't wait it comes on in about 10 mins

I actually find it really hard to watch. I guess too many people in my life have suffered through addictions. I try to watch it, but end up getting really upset.

I love it as sad. It's actually edcucational , I'm pretty naive about some of the drugs on there....

I've seen a couple of episodes. Its just really sad. It makes me so mad that these peoples families care enough about them to do this and then they treat them like they do. I know they have problems and addictions to overcome, but it just bothers me. It really bothers me when they show an update and the addict is back to doing whatever again. Its just sad.

Yeah I watch it, it's hard to watch when you see people on there that remind you of people you know in your own life.