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Jan 16, 2007
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I was wondering if anyone could help me with my ipod nano? I am so clueless. HELP!!! Do i need to download i Tunes? And how do i get songs from my library? HOW do I buy songs from the Internet? How do I transfer them into the ipod? See, I have sooo many questions and need answers!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

I have a Nano.I downloaded Itunes and download music from there. I set my options in Itunes to automatically update my Ipod whenever I hook it up. I use the USB cable that came with it. Itunes does all the work for you. You just click buy song and it downloads to Itunes then when you hook up your Nano, instant download. really easy after you do it, I promise.

Thanks, Kelly, One more question, when you buy songs from itunes how do they charge you and how much are they? Two questions>lol!

Apple.com will have all the info you need. And yes, if you download from iTunes they will charge you 99 cents per song.


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