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very disappointed that i received this instead of the benefit mascara which i've been wanting to try for ages. i just kinda felt that most continuing subscribers got this and the new subscribers got the benefit. this was my 2nd month, but if they treat continuing subscribers as getting the potentially lesser item that makes me rethink my subscription. oo and i love the benefit speed brow gel so didnt need or want another brow gel whereas i have thin and sparse eye lashes and really wanted to try the benefit mascara.

I was happy to get the brow gel instead of the mascara. I've already found mascaras that work well for me so I don't feel the need to experiment, but brow gel is unexplored territory. I like this gel, it doesn't get crusty or anything. Then again, I've never used a brow gel before, so I have little to compare it to.

I was fine with getting this, as I've tried the mascara and it's fine but nothing special for me and I already have a zillion other mascara samples. But when I got my sample, it was nearly totally dry. The brush was dry when I pulled it out, except for the very tip of it. I didn't really care enough to email Ipsy so I tossed it. But it seems this was a common problem. Considering that this was such a huge issue, I won't be buying anything from the company based on their awful sample.

I really wanted to try the mascara, but I got the Chella Eyebrow Gel in my Ipsy bag (which was fine with me because I have WAY TOO MANY mascaras and I can always use more eyebrow gel), I haven't tried the eyebrow gel yet, but I know mine isn't empty, so yay me:) Sorry, girls. It sucks that a lot of them were empty:(

This is one of those products I didn't really want but I got it and loved it. I've never used a brow gel so I have nothing to compare it to. I love the brush and just the right amount of gel comes out so that it looks natural and not goopy or crusty. It's really a great product for me!

I'm really liking the gel too. I was disappointed to see get it, but I was hooked when I started using it.

definitely happy with this, I use it every day now; I like getting introduced to new types of products I haven't tried before. they featured a mascara the month before, so I didn't feel like I needed another one. variety is good :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />. I still can't believe how much MyGlam/Ipsy has evolved in the past year, they really took feedback to heart.

I really liked it but it only had two or three uses before it felt like it was completely empty. I would have liked to try the mascara. It was my first Ipsy bag so I was just excited to get all makeup and have sone nice full sized samples and know that there were Good alternate options available. I do wish the gel were tinted slightly. Does anyone know of a good affordable tinted brow gel?

i really like this one since it does keep my brows in place.. i wasn't too excited for it but now i want to buy a full size one! ;]

I use a powder eye shadow (MAC in Omega) with a small angle brush to fill in my eyebrows, and follow-up with clear eyebrow gel to keep them in place. The Chella eyebrow gel works great for me to do this. They also offer eyebrow kits that have pigments that you can choose based on your hair color. :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />


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