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Aug 13, 2005
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I shave all over. What can I use to reduce irritation in the genital area?

i read somewhere that if you use roller deodorant over ur bikini line after u shave it helps reduce irritation. xx

There is a product called bikini zone(it contains some local anesthetic), it really helps to take the sting and irritation away. You can find it near the shaving products. Maybe some aloe vera gel as well.

Originally Posted by luckystar131 Tend can get it at Sephora You can get it at beauty supply stores too...sometimes plain tea tree oil works too...and don't use anything with fragrance down there-irritates it even more...
Jason Natural Cosmetics Tea Tree Gel is very soothing. It's a therapeutic moisturizer enriched with tea tree oil, aloe vera, witch hazel, arnica, and echinacea. It has natural antiseptic properties; provides quick, refreshing relief from skin flare-ups, insect bites, shaving nicks, and bumps and bruises.

Another thing you might try is shaving with hair conditioner and then applying this afterwards. That's what I do and it's nice and smooth.

For starters make sure you are using a very rich shave cream. Also exfoliate the area frequently with either a loofah or a scrub. Benefit makes an AMAZING medicated scrub that is ideal for the bikini area. It is called Bionic Blast! It contains salicylic acid and will rapidly exfoliate the skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

Originally Posted by luckystar131 Tend can get it at Sephora Yeah, I've tried Tend Skin, as well, and it works real well. I found it at my local beauty supply store.

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