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May 25, 2006
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If the cold air hits it I walk a lot .. it dries up and peels ,, and red ugh,

and if I wash it too much it gets irritated only in the chin area and both sides around the chin...

So annoying I always got to be careful

Not so much used to be. I would break out there and nowhere else on my face! Used to bug me big time!

my chin is super sensitive. It's usually where I break out actually. Annoying!

My chin area and right above my lip are the ONLY places I ever breakout. I wonder why that area is so sensitive...

Mines also uber sensitive and thats where i break out most.....stupid hormones

All my breakouts are on my chin and jawline. Nowhere else. Is is really annoying because then they itch and hurt.

My chin is the only place I get pimples. The stubborn kind that are resistant to pimple creams, the kind that have to be popped. It doesn't happen often, maybe every 6 months. Usually right after the dark spot from the last time completely fades, ironically enough.

it seems like my chin actually belongs on a different face! between the acne, discoloration and facial hair i'm sure there's been a mix up somewhere! lmao~

Yeah I get that. I get the dry and peeling skin there. If I try to get it waxed I break out. No other part of my face does this.

Holy mamas I am not the only one suffering here lol

aww poor us I wonder why just the chin??

My chin doesn't usually break out or anything, only once every few months, with the stubborn, deep down zits. So annoying.

My hubby gets extremely dry around his chin, and that pisses him off just as much as my issue pisses me off.