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Nov 12, 2007
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It sounds really promising with all the different options and descriptions they have.

I just really want to have an even tone. I just have some blemishes I'd like to clear up and I figured Aveeno products might do the trick.

ANYWAY, I just wanted to hear what everyone thought of the line before I tried it and maybe even some suggestions on what product to try.

I've tried their moisturizer and its ok. I didn't see any difference with it. Check out the review center for more reviews.

I like their moisturizers with SPF 30, especially Positively Ageless. But, other than that I haven't tried the rest of their skin care.

i like aveen clear complexion foaming cleanser and the skin brightening moisturizer w/spf15.

Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion face spf 30 and aveeno positively ageless daily exfoliating cleanser work quite well.

I really like their moisturizers. They are so light yet moisturize well. I know a couple of other people who use it too and like it.

Their Positively Radiant Cleansing Pads are really good. I had to stop using them b/c all of a sudden my skin got really sensitive and the pads were too abrasive for me. But it may be okay for you unless you're sensitive like me. HTH

The only thing I have used from their line is the hair-minimizing face lotion. This stuff really works! Their body lotions are excellent, too.

I've tried the foaming clear complexion cleanser, and I liked it...I think it's a pretty decent line.

Everything from their Oatmeal line is great! I had a really bad all-over face and body hive-irritation thing going on, and their soap and moisturizer were about the only things I could stand, plus they worked as well and/or better than pharmacy products for irritated/itchy/hivey/broken skin to soothe and heal and protect!

i AM a huge fan of their calming foaming face cleanser, it is perfume free, very gentle, but at the same takes everything off your face (I had this problem before with delicate face washes that they would not be able to take the makeup and sunscreen off completely, but this one does it perfectly! )
I used the positively ageless night cream and it broke my skin out real bad!

i heard a lot of great review about Aveeno.

Plus they are a well known brand so i don't think their skin scare lines would be bad.

(their moisturizers are amazing)

I'm a fan of the Aveeno soy-based facial cleanser! It's very gentle with no fragrance. Since I have very fair, sensitive skin it is the one cleanser that I can use without my skin drying out or having a reaction...

Aveeno skicare line boasts light textured moisturizers and products that are natural rather than processed. If you would like products that does not have strong fragrances and are light in texture, I would highly recommend Aveeno.

Aveeno is a wonderful skincare line. I've used their serum and moisturizers and my skin looked and felt great! I also use their radiant foaming skin cleanser and it really does make my skin radiant! I have since moved on to using Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Pure Coconut Oil for all my skin care needs.

But I do recommend Aveeno for a store bought brand. It's worth the money.


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