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Jan 22, 2012
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I've been searching for Burt's Bees regular lipsticks in the familiar silver tube. I want to replace my Burt's "Fig" shade of lipstick but I can only find their Lip Shimmer products. I wonder if the regular line of lipsticks have been discontinued. I really enjoy this lipstick in the dry winter months because they do a great job hydrating my lips while wearing a nice color at the same time.

Any advise would help.

Thank You


You can try the Revlon Lip Butters. They have a good color range, very nice color payoff and they're moisturizing. I have five and I like them a lot.

I know this is an old post so your questions are probably answered, but I contacted the company and they said that there wasn't enough interest so they discontinued them and are not bringing them back.

I also wore Fig.  This is the only lipstick I have ever liked.  It had a tingly eucalyptus/menthol feel, and the color is the only that has ever looked good on me.  I have not been able to find this exact color anywhere else.  The fig color BB uses in their glosses aren't even close.  Also, the lipsticks were matte - not this greasy, shiny mess that most women wear.  It made me look like my lips were naturally rosy and that I wasn't wearing lipstick, it was just enhancing my natural color.  I noticed that some women recommended Revlon Lip Butters but they aren't matte.  Women't lips aren't naturally greasy.  Anyhoo, I wish I could find something that really is a replacement.  If anyone knows of something, please let me know.  Thanks.

People aren't naturally clothed either but I doubt you run around outside in the nude.

If you like matte finishes better than the other kinds that's great but no need to be snippy about it.

Anyway, Bobbi Brown just released a line of matte lipsticks and she generally goes for neutral shades. If you don't mind the $24 price tag it might be worth a shot. They're pretty non-drying too. You might also like something like a lipstain. Stila makes a wide range of lipstains that impart transparent color onto the lips without shine (by transparent I mean the color will be visible but the features of your lips won't be covered. So if you have, for instance, a mole on your lips it'll still show through. It's a very natural look). Tarte has a few matte lip pencils too in a variety of colors (not liners, more like a pencil shaped lipstick). I'm sorry I don't have any drugstore recs but I don't wear matte lipcolor a lot because they generally dry my lips to death.

NYX has matte lipsticks and matte lip creams, Revlon has matte lipsticks, e.l.f. has matte lip color jumbo lip pencils, and wet n wild Mega Last is semi-matte,


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