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Sep 23, 2007
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I'm just wondering if its really true what they say about starting skin care rather young will actually help you when you get older?

i totally think this is true! the earlier you start caring for your skin the longer your skin will stay beautiful!

It's so very true. I have had women come up to my counter who look like sharpeis and want to know what they can do to get rid of their wrinkles. It's apparent, by the deep lines and wrinkles on their faces that they have never put forth a big effort to take care of their skin.

Yes, I believe in teaching young children the art of preservation, which is much more effective than rejuvenation for those who are already adults.

The elderly ladies in my family do not wrinkle until around 60-65 years of age. Part of it is genetics, but the other part is all about the preservation.

Definitely! Most skin damage is done in your 20's I've read, but doesn't start showing up until you're in your 40's. So...if you care for your skin when you're young it will look that much better as you age.

Very true. It's never too early to start! However, some skincare are not made for younger ones; it may be too harsh on their skins. But it is a good idea to have an idea of how to take care of your skin when you're young. Start early so there are less chances of problems in the future!

Absolutely. My mum used to drill the idea of protecting my skin from the sun for years. I didn't listen to her til I was 16, 17. I started using sunscreen then. And I'm very thankful that I took her advice.

Truer than true! I'm 55, but most people guess I'm a decade younger. My friends in high school used to laugh at me when I used sunscreen and moisturizer daily, but I've had the last laugh.

Think of yourself as a brand new Mercedes... and now imagine yourself as that same Mercedes in 50 years... its the difference between being the junker in the heap or the classic vintage that everyone ogles at on the weekends.

it's more than just the outside, its the inside as well... the value in the car is the overall package!!!!

Yes, it is true. I started using suncreen in my early teens. I am now almost 30, and most people tell me I have not changed since high school, look the same- no wrinkles. THe sun is our skin's enemy!!!