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Jan 8, 2008
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Ok long story short: me and best guy friend for a year finally go out; two weeks into our relationship, he sees me dancing up on another guy and a little bit of flirting. He gets pissed at me and yells at me in the middle of everything, even though the reason I was with the other guy was because my ex had done the same with another girl.

The next day, he wouldn't talk to me all day, and completely ignored me and surrounded himself with girls. After awhile, he pulled me aside and, lo and behold, broke up with me. I was really hurt and upset because I cared VERY deeply for him.

Okay so here's my question:

It's been 3 months since the breakup, and we haven't said a single thing to each other, although we promised to stay friends [pure b.s.]. He called me once but I was at a party and asked him to call back later; he never did. This was 2 weeks ago that he called. Is it wrong for me to still have feelings for him? How can I get over him quicker, since he's already over it and has a close bond with a new girl [no relationship, though i reckon soon]?

Sorry for the long post, I just need input.

Hmmm it seems like you both might not be able to remain friends at least until some of those hurt feelings pass.

No way there is no way to get ove someone faster unless you meet another guy that you really like and dont use as a rebound or to make him jealous...there isn't anything wrong with you having feelings for him because you just can't help it but i dont think you should talk to him maybe send him a email or something about the phone call he made to you but other than that he sounds stupid and you should find yourself a hottie!!!

Wounds heal with time, even the emotional ones. It would be nice to be friends with him since you care so much and maybe after time passes and this isn't so fresh, you guys will be able to.

he sounds like an ******* that he made you suffer all day and then STILL broke up with you! he should have done it straight away!

I agree, it will take time before your feelings will pass away. Just take the time to spend quality time with yourself and your friends, and learn more about yourself.

If you've learnt anything from this experience (ie, to think of other's feelings before you act
) then you've benefitted a lot.

Best of luck chicken, I know how much it hurts in a situation like this - it will get better!

Thank you soooooooooooooooooo incredibly much to everyone who replied. Your support has helped me out a lot and I really appreciate everything you all had to say.

I'm pretty much over him, and though I still miss him, your feedback has made me realize how bad the situation got, and how I deserve better than that. Again, thank you all so much.


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