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Nov 30, 2011
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I was always told that you should never pluck above your eye brows, but I went to a new lady for threading and she went crazy up there! I didnt say anything because I was too shy, or thought I was out dated with my "no touching above the brow rule"!

Does anyone else pluck above the brow line?

I do. If I have a stray or feel it's too "bushy" I'll pluck the hair over my eyebrow.

I have very weird eyebrows and theres are a lot of strays and dark peach fuzz above my brows so plush or shave up there

The whole reason they say that is because most people want their brows to be as high up on their face as possible. Lower brows make you look older, hence why the brow lift is such a popular cosmetic procedure. If you're taking from the top of your brows instead of utilizing the tops  of them, you're lowering your brows. However, this would not apply to cleaning up strays or peach fuzz to give you evenness in shape. Only to altering your brows in a significant way.

Plucking away stray hairs from above your eyebrows to even out, clean up and shape your brows is fine.

Ive done it in the past for maintenance. My wax lady does some clean up there at times as well.

How was the threading? Ive heard about it but have yet to try it.


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