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Jan 20, 2011
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I almost always buy mac and have in fact no other brands but with the price of gas the MN store is much much any feedback on concealer and the lip gloss is appreciated..thanks

I've liked everything I've tried from there but I always forget about it even existing honestly.. I think there stuff is good quality though.

I've always liked Merle Norman, especially their automatic eye pencils, blushes and Lasting Foundation. I think they have great products and are underrated.

Edited to add: The concealer is one of the best of I've ever used ~ love it.

I love most of their line, honestly, but I too am quite guilty about forgetting they're there.  Personally, I love their foundation, powder, eye liners, and blush.  My absolute favorite blush comes from there. 

Also, they don't often have GWPs, but when they do, they're killer.  I may have to stop in this afternoon when I drive by, as I'm in serious need of some new foundation.