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Apr 22, 2012
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All this talk of perfume in the June Birchbox thread made me think about the scents I hate the most. For me, I get ANGRY when I smell gardenia or vanilla. There is not a memory attached to them. I just can't stand it.Those are my least favorite things to smell ever!

Cotton candy overly sweet or fruity scents. They give me a headache & I'm not into smelling like a bowl of fruit loops cereal.

I can't stand lavender. Sometimes the smell even makes me nauseous and frequently gives me headaches. Scents that are too fruity as well. They smell sickeningly sweet.

I really dislike "Red Delicious" by DKNY! It has this melon-ish scent, and I just can't stand it :c

How weird, vanilla and gardenia are two of my favorite scents! I hate the scent of sweet pea, it's nice smelling but it's one of those "makes me angry" scents lol!

I can't stand anything too flowery. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb can murder me in two seconds.

Myrrh.  I can't stand the smell.  I think it's why I hated that sample of Harvey Prince Yogini that BB sent out a few months ago.  I know people who love the smell, but it gives me a headache.


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